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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Green Bean Casserole" aka "SWINGIN SINGLES Skein (tm) handspun RARE CHURRO WOOL yarn" from The Knotty Sheep

"Green Bean Casserole" is my entry for the Etsy for Animals November Challenge: Bountiful Harvest!Yep - every Thanksgiving Mom makes this classic ... it would not be a Holiday without this dish on the table!

Shades of greens and a wee splash of gold collide to make a delicious feast for the eyes! An approximate 12 wpi. The skein weighs 2.8 oz on my postal scale and is measured at an approx 102 yards! Due to the hand dyed nature - commercial perfection is not obtainable.

♥ 5% of The Knotty Sheep's sales are donated to animal charities! My current charity of choice: PittieLove Rescue! ♥

TheKnottySheep is also a faithful EFA thread bumper and every Tuesday adds items to the team shop.

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