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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Handmade Knit Scarf - Red Bohemian by Susanneedlehands' Shop

This listing is for my Bohemian Reds Handmade Knit Scarf, which was made using a combination of the softest and most intriguing yarns in my collection. It is cuddly, fun, and playful due to the changing textures and shades of red. 50% of the purchase price of any/all items in my shop goes to the Charity of the Month.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fair Isle Cowl Scarf with Removable Flower Pin by Purpleandlime's Shop

Stay warm and look fabulous this coming autumn! So I took a Fair Isle sweater that I loved but was too small on me, repurposed it...and voila! The material is in the prettiest shades of: turquoise, purple, cream, and green. The fabric consists of: 35% acrylic, 28% nylon, 20% lambs wool, 12% rayon, and 5% angora rabbit hair (whew!). The cowl measures about 28" around and 6" high. The scarf is slightly asymmetrical in the way that it's been cut and the edges sewn up.
For the month of September 15% from this sale will go to help the rescued chimps at MONA in Spain ( They save chimps and other primates that were in private homes or the "entertainment" industry.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat Tote/ Handpainted by Catcalls' Shop

This original design art tote was created entirely from recycled materials. The denim was painted with acrylic, the cat was cut from heavy cotton then painted, stitched and appliqued on as were the letters. The inside and handles are made from purple and lime flannel. Two pockets were sewn to the interior. It is finished with a clear acrylic spray. This is a very sturdy and durable tote.
I am a regular supporter of my local humane society through cage sponsorship and will be participating in their annual fund raiser dog walk on Sept. 19th. I hope to raise a good amount through the raffle I will be holding. I can't wait! 10% of this sale will go to Defenders of Wildlife, the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month for September.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Itty Bitty Chestnut Chicken - Hand Knit Organic Cotton Little Red Hen by Yarnmiracle's Shop

Itty Bitty Chestnut Chicken was made with from the Chestnut Fox's leftovers and is stuffed with extra independence for no extra charge. I almost didn't have enough yarn, so she's got a fashionable two-tone tail. Chestnut Fox (and the OutFoxed Pattern) are my COTM representatives for September and Defenders of Wildlife. Since I'm working on a new Chestnut Fox, are more Little Red Hens in the future? Maybe...and maybe it'll be Itty Bitty Foxies this time around. You never can tell with scraps.
Besides COTM, my focus today is on my personal Cat Rescue and Preservation Program. William Henry, our youngest formerly feral kitten, keeps getting himself locked under the kitchen sink with the garbage can. While this is a Dream Come True for William Henry, it is a less than ideal situation for me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Green Bangles and Beads Bracelet by Lolalynn's Shop

I love these bracelets and you will too. Strung on memory wire they circle 3 times giving the appearance of three bangles. Green beads of all sorts in varying sizes have been incorporated into this fabulous looking bracelet. Most of the beads are leftovers from other jewelry projects. 50% will be donated to EFA's charity of the month.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretend Polar Bear Rug for Your Doll by Chicadolly's Shop

This adorable pretend rug made from faux sheep skin has a pink ultra suede back and will help keep your doll's feet from chilling on the cold winter floor. Place it in front of her bed or a pretend fireplace and she can sit and play with you on it. The ears and felt nose and claws are securely attached by macine stitching and it even has embroidered eyelids so it is safe all ages. Finished size is 15"X12" For every one sold I will send $1 to the Defenders of Wildlife Organization that is fighting to save this wonderful endangered species for future generations and preserve it's habitat.Please take a moment and go visit them at and see what you can do to help.Thank you! and remember to boycott any items made using the skin or fur from animals please!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunrise baby blanket- Created for Team efa September Scraps challenge by Silverbeatshop's Shop

The whole blanket--the binding, the batting, the patches and the back were all scraps from a rainbow-colored queen-size quilt that I'm THIS close to finishing for myself. I have been selling on etsy for a few months, but I only recently joined team efa and this is the first monthly challenge I've done. Like everything else in my shop, 15% of the purchase goes to the Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue [ ], a Cavy rescue/sanctuary that is local to me. The woman who runs the rescue, Jennifer, has over 30 piggies in sanctuary/hospice care.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colorful Recycled Upcycled Pretty Bird Nest Pins 4 Broaches Set by Aldanamica's Shop

Set of 4 Pretty Bird Nest pins to color your life. Made from recycled/re-purposed materials including fabric, yarn, thread, lace, collected from various scraps and left over goodies from productions and other art projects. All things can be turned into something beautiful and useful! These Pretty Bird Nests promote "Reuse" instead of "Dispose"! Wear them and spread the word!!
50% of profits will benefit EFA's charity of the month.

Friday, September 10, 2010

organic baby mouse hat by Curlymonkey's Shop

This mouse baby hat was made using a grey organic tee's sleeve and some organic pink cotton jersey. Made with 100% organic cotton. 50% of the sale of the baby hat will got to support Ride to the Light, a bike ride to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out To Pasture Sanctuary and IDA's own Hope Animal Sanctuary.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pet Pillows by Barkingdogblanket's Shop

I use the left overs from my blanket fabrics and the batting to make these washable/dryable pillows for your favorite furry friend. I used to spoil Rockie and she loved her pillow and every night would jump up on the couch and snuggle on top of her blanket and rest her head on her pillow. I was tired of her using my living room pillows. Not for dogs that are chewers!!
Our local Hawaiian Humane society is having their annual fundraiser in October called the HHS PetWalk. I am Team Captain for our BarkingDogBlanket team our goal is $300 which will include 10% of all September sales, a garage sale and donations.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vintage Owlie in the Moonlight Pin by Mvegan5's Shop

Vintage/recycled findings in the shape of an owl embellish a silver toned pin back, measuring 1.25".

10% goes to the EFA's Charity of the Month, please see my shop intro for more information !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unique Silk Tapestry Box holder keeper Running Fox by Brizel4theanimals' Shop

Running Fox is a handmade decorative mini Silk Tapestry Box, made of recycled silk sari yarn, a unique & ecofriendly animal trinket box ! This keepsake is a soft fiber arts container featuring upcycled silk sari fibers hand spun into a multicolor yarn. Running Fox has a lid of its own with a bold white swirl and is embellished with an antique metal sewing button that has a running fox. It measures approx: 3" in diameter x 2" high with an interior of 2 1/8" in diameter x 1 1/2" high.

20% of all Silk Tapestry Box sales will be donated to Defenders of Wildlife, September 2010 TEAM EFA Charity of the Month !

Brizel, aka Nicole, owns some 20 acres up in the mountains of no. Cal where I have planted orchards and floral gardens. This habitat attracts birds, butterflies, bees, bats, hummingbirds... and it is also a seasonal mating ground for dragonflies ! Twilight is part of a 2000 acre ranch out in the chaparral wilderness where wild animals still roam. I work to provide a safe loving home for my animal rescues; I participate in EFA's COTM program when I can; and am the Blog Mistress for EFA's main blog.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas Stocking, padded and quilted by Santasstockings' Shop

I started making these scrappy stockings and am hooked - they are so much fun and I'm planning to spend a very long and happy weekend cutting, pasting and sewing - it makes such a change from cutting and pasting on the computer! I've been collecting Christmas fabrics for the past 20 years and it's just so good to mix and match them all together. I'm hoping my efforts will benefit the SSPCA - that's the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals. My reason is that I called them just a week ago to come and help an injured goose I found while out walking. Sadly, it appeared to me that both it's legs had been broken. It was at least a mile away from a road, up a hill and on an unmade path. Within a couple of hours I received a phone call to say the animal was so badly injured that they had put it to sleep. I was so impressed with their response time and the consideration they gave the animal. I was very sad after hearing the news but so grateful to the SSPCA - they spared this poor bird suffering a very prolonged and painful death.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dachshund/ Plush Teeny Wienie Patrick by Dogbarks' Shop

This Teeny Wienie is the latest addition to my Dachshund plush toys. It is a smaller, skinnier plushy version of Doxies than my larger ones and is made from a scrap of a scrap! The other scrap part was made into a puppy pouch. The ears are leftover from a pair of pants made a while back. Fabric is all cotton and filling is hypoallergenic polyfil. 50% will be donated to the COTM. I am also a regular contributor to my local humane society as a cage sponsor and donate cat toys every month to the Feral Kitten Rescue Project I am thrilled to be a vendor this year at my shelter's annual dog walk fund raiser on Sept. 19th. I will be raffling off an item to raise additional funds for the society.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Have You Protected Wolves Today Bookmark for Defenders by Faeriegood's Shop

I had some scraps left over from last years holiday ornaments so I used them to create these bookmarks for raising money and awareness on behalf of wolves.They are my favorite of all wild animals and I was so pained to see them come off the endangered species list and am so glad to hear that Defenders of Wildlife is fighting to overturn this ruling and stop the killings that have recently begun again.I enjoy working on the efa team and am glad to do my part to help support "Defenders" our Charity of the Month for September.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drop Me A Line, Folded Card Set of 2 by Thebluewindmill's Shop

My September Scraps entry is a digital scrap as it is a print of a photo that I took last fall. This image has been refurbished as a card, which I have titled "Drop Me A Line". I punched a lacey motif in the matte print and adhered it to a folded card, which has been dyed golden yellow along the bottom edge to bring out the yellow in the leaves. I donate to the EFA charity of the month as well as other animal organizations and act as challenge promoter for EFA. This month I am so excited to be writing an article for the blog as part of our Defenders of Wildlife charity!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Mini Thank-You Cards Set - teal and green - 20 percent to SOAR Charity by Fairycardmaker's Shop

This set of 5 mini thank-you cards will show your gratitude in style and simplicity. The cards are white and the paper is black with a teal and green pattern. The sentiment was hand-stamped with a Stampin’ Up! (copyrighted) sentiment stamp. The mini thank-you cards measure 3 inches (7.6 cm) by 2.5 inches (5.7 cm) and are blank on the insides. These mini thank-you cards do not come with envelopes.
20% of the proceeds of this listing will go to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue: a registered charity that arranges foster care and adoptions for dogs on a 100% volunteer basis. I was making up some kits for a birthday card making workshop. I run these workshops for SOAR: the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue which is a small, volunteer-run charity. I design and pre-cut all the cards and the participants come to complete them. They pay a workshop fee and half of it goes to SOAR. I often hold a raffle too at these events where all of the raffle proceeds go to SOAR. One of the cards in my kits were giant cupcake cards which used this paper (you can see one here: So, I had some strips of paper left. I cut the strips to fit the thank-you cards, hand-stamped them and voila! – 5 mini-thank-you cards were born.