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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dachshund/ Plush Teeny Wienie Patrick by Dogbarks' Shop

This Teeny Wienie is the latest addition to my Dachshund plush toys. It is a smaller, skinnier plushy version of Doxies than my larger ones and is made from a scrap of a scrap! The other scrap part was made into a puppy pouch. The ears are leftover from a pair of pants made a while back. Fabric is all cotton and filling is hypoallergenic polyfil. 50% will be donated to the COTM. I am also a regular contributor to my local humane society as a cage sponsor and donate cat toys every month to the Feral Kitten Rescue Project I am thrilled to be a vendor this year at my shelter's annual dog walk fund raiser on Sept. 19th. I will be raffling off an item to raise additional funds for the society.


  1. I love the blue and the dog paw prints! I also like how the ear is a different pattern than the dog! You have a real gift for matching patterns!

    You are an awesome (awe-inspiring) helper of animals!!!!!!!



    I just LOVE all your dogs & cats Patty... I find myself looking forward to your new listings... such a wondrous anticipation :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. He's the bomb!!I sure enjoyed your blog post about these teenie weenie critters, so cute!!

  5. he is so cute! I love how you shot him on the grass, nice touch!

  6. Also love your "Thrifty Kitties". Wonderful of leftover and repurpose fabric. Thanks for entering the challenge.


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