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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pretend Polar Bear Rug for Your Doll by Chicadolly's Shop

This adorable pretend rug made from faux sheep skin has a pink ultra suede back and will help keep your doll's feet from chilling on the cold winter floor. Place it in front of her bed or a pretend fireplace and she can sit and play with you on it. The ears and felt nose and claws are securely attached by macine stitching and it even has embroidered eyelids so it is safe all ages. Finished size is 15"X12" For every one sold I will send $1 to the Defenders of Wildlife Organization that is fighting to save this wonderful endangered species for future generations and preserve it's habitat.Please take a moment and go visit them at and see what you can do to help.Thank you! and remember to boycott any items made using the skin or fur from animals please!!!


  1. so cute!
    What every little girl would love!

  2. Thanks for the big love! can always make more...

  3. So cute! I bet that would make a nice little bed!

  4. I love this vegan friendly unique rug! ;0) I LOVE Polar Bears :0)


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