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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pet Pillows by Barkingdogblanket's Shop

I use the left overs from my blanket fabrics and the batting to make these washable/dryable pillows for your favorite furry friend. I used to spoil Rockie and she loved her pillow and every night would jump up on the couch and snuggle on top of her blanket and rest her head on her pillow. I was tired of her using my living room pillows. Not for dogs that are chewers!!
Our local Hawaiian Humane society is having their annual fundraiser in October called the HHS PetWalk. I am Team Captain for our BarkingDogBlanket team our goal is $300 which will include 10% of all September sales, a garage sale and donations.


  1. The fabrics you use are always so delightful !

    BEST WISHES on your upcoming fundraising efforts :)

  2. What a lucky dog: to live in Hawaii and to have her own Hawaiian print pillows.

  3. Great idea to make an accompanying product for your main product with the scraps!

    I hope your fundraising event meets the goal!

  4. I can just see your dog buried in a pile of the pillows!


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