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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Mini Thank-You Cards Set - teal and green - 20 percent to SOAR Charity by Fairycardmaker's Shop

This set of 5 mini thank-you cards will show your gratitude in style and simplicity. The cards are white and the paper is black with a teal and green pattern. The sentiment was hand-stamped with a Stampin’ Up! (copyrighted) sentiment stamp. The mini thank-you cards measure 3 inches (7.6 cm) by 2.5 inches (5.7 cm) and are blank on the insides. These mini thank-you cards do not come with envelopes.
20% of the proceeds of this listing will go to the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue: a registered charity that arranges foster care and adoptions for dogs on a 100% volunteer basis. I was making up some kits for a birthday card making workshop. I run these workshops for SOAR: the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue which is a small, volunteer-run charity. I design and pre-cut all the cards and the participants come to complete them. They pay a workshop fee and half of it goes to SOAR. I often hold a raffle too at these events where all of the raffle proceeds go to SOAR. One of the cards in my kits were giant cupcake cards which used this paper (you can see one here: So, I had some strips of paper left. I cut the strips to fit the thank-you cards, hand-stamped them and voila! – 5 mini-thank-you cards were born.


  1. Love the print and the font!

    Sounds like a super organization!
    Thanks so much for helping!

  2. Great first entry for the COTM! What a fun way to help SOAR,too, by running workshops!

  3. A great entry. Thanks for the suggestion for this month's theme "way back when." Its been one of our more "challenging" challenge themes but amazed so far at all of the interpretations.


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