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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunrise baby blanket- Created for Team efa September Scraps challenge by Silverbeatshop's Shop

The whole blanket--the binding, the batting, the patches and the back were all scraps from a rainbow-colored queen-size quilt that I'm THIS close to finishing for myself. I have been selling on etsy for a few months, but I only recently joined team efa and this is the first monthly challenge I've done. Like everything else in my shop, 15% of the purchase goes to the Oswego County Guinea Pig Rescue [ ], a Cavy rescue/sanctuary that is local to me. The woman who runs the rescue, Jennifer, has over 30 piggies in sanctuary/hospice care.


  1. Some of my very favorite colors and sew wonderfully beautiful. A perfect project for this month's Challenge :)

    Thanks so much for participating and welcome to EFA !

  2. Just love the fall colors and fits the challenge theme perfectly. Thanks for entering.

  3. Love the colors! So fall-like!
    Sounds like a great charity!!!

  4. This is a very beautiful and cheerful blanket! Glad to see you in EFA's challenges.

  5. I have 3 guinea pigs!!!! Yay for you! This quilt is lovely-such pretty colors!


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