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Friday, December 11, 2009

Handmade Finger-Crochet Shinny Green Hat/Beanie and Hand Warmers/Fingerless Gloves Set by AldanaMica's Shop

This one of a kind handmade set includes a cozy and fashionable pair of finger-crocheted finger-less gloves and hat. If you are someone who sits at the computer most of the day, these finger-less gloves come in handy for when you are in a freezing air-conditioned office, letting you have your fingers free for typing. They are also good for any other type of work related activities because they keep your hands warm while leaving your fingers free to work. They can also be worn over regular finger gloves, adding extra warmth and style.
AldanaMica donates to Farm Sanctuary and volunteers for EFA.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Large Peacock Blue with Paw Print Polymer Clay Pet Collar Charm by ModCreations' Shop

This large peacock blue paw print polymer clay pet collar charm would be good for a large dog! This tag can be CUSTOMIZED for you! I can make one with your pet's name on the front, provided it fits. All my pet charms/tags come with a lobster clasp for ease in attaching to existing collar. Polymer clay is non-toxic unless burned (the fumes are toxic) but is not intended to be used for items that will contain food. I put two coats of glaze on the front for protection and to bring out the color in the clay.
I volunteer with Animal House Fund ( which is raising money to build a new no-kill shelter in St. Louis. I have volunteered with Stray Rescue in the past, walking dogs. I also rescue cats off the street. I now have 4 cats (and one is not happy with that decision). I am trying to foster the 4th one and find her a home, but of course I have become quite attached to her. She is still a kitten. Awww!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Aprons for Kids by chicadolly's shop

I made these with Cold hands;warm hearts,in mind. The perfect gift for Mother's little helper...Choose from three different cute little children's aprons with holiday themed prints. Imagine the fun your little one will have working along side you baking and decorating the holiday cookies while wearing this adorable pint sized apron with 4 perfect sized pockets to hold a wooden spoon, spatula, whip and rolling pin(all child sized versions of course , that you can easily find at your local toy store...Best Wishes for a safe and Merry Holiday for you and your pets!! Thankyou!

$1 from each apron sold will go to the EFA December Charity of the Month;Paws Animal Sanctuary

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ATC ACEO Collage Cold Hands Warm Heart by TheAnimalsMagicShop

Men and women from the Salvation Army stand around in all kinds of weather collecting money to help needy people during the holiday season. Their "paws" and noses certainly get cold along with the rest of them. But their hearts are warm with compassion for others and that's what keeps them going. This ATC measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and is made in honor of the folks from the Salvation Army. Made from acid free papers, colored pencil and ink.
Karen is an antiques dealer, sled dog musher, Reiki healer and animal telepathic communicator. Sky is a Siberian husky, lead dog, best friend and mentor. Together they are working to make each other's dreams come true, and to help promote better understanding between people and animals. Their favorite animal charity is Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Hare Snow Soft Sculpture by DragonHouseOfYuen

Please meet baby hare Snow, because no matter how cold your hands - there will always be a warm heart beating. She loves to play in the freshly fallen snow and ice. She prefers to perch on a shelf near an open window so that she can continue her winter sports quest. She is made of 100% recycled cotton and has a polyfill stuffing, along with a full stomach of dandelion leaves (only joking!). She stands approx 17cm high and 10cm wide. She comes with a small tag telling her story.
I donate a percentage of some of my sales to help different rabbit rescues and animal charities. In Easter 2009 I donated an Arabella Bag to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to raise funds for their rescued rabbits. A total of $362 was raised!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silent Night - Hand Embellished ACEO by LolaLynn

Of course, its a Silent Night - no creature was stirring, not even a mouse - because the family cat is sitting in the window contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

That's Mustard, my daughter's cat sitting in the window. We rescued her about 15 years ago. She was so tiny and malnourished, the vet didn't think she'd make it. She still has feral tendancies but when no one is looking, she is very affectionate with Rebekah. Thus, a cold exterior; warm heart.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Little Bit of My Love to You - fingerless gloves by ThoseParasolDays' Shop

Soft and stretchy, these knitted midnight blue hand-warmers will keep you warm while crafting! They are of course made from animal friendly acrylic yarn. Fingerless gloves, and as it is part of EFA's December challenge "Cold hands (paws & noses); Warm Hearts", they come with a hot pink crocheted ribbon and a sweet little heart - to give away, perhaps?" Nancy works with the abundant colonies of feral cats in her area. Earlier this summer she had a cat spayed with the help of PAWS Animal Rescue in La Marina (Spain), and another one two days ago. All her items give 10% to EFA and 10% to PAWS.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dog or Cat Pet Bed Pillow Tiger (all sewn for safety) Free Shipping by RachelPetDesigns

A nice soft and cozy fleece bed for kitty, your small teacup dog. Sewn securely all around for your pets safety. Etra fluffy with premiunm quality polyester fill. Machine washable, no fabric softener. Measures approximately 16"x20". Free shipping within the USA. Can also be made without fill as a crate mat, or small blandet, simply inquire.

10% of my shop sales is donated to true no kill animal rescue shelter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

.5x5 Custom Animal Painting with 3 Greeting Cards by mvegan5's Shop

Beautiful, unique custom animal painting of your pet or favorite animal, acrylic on 5"x5" canvas. 3 5"x7" cream colored, blank inside greeting cards with a reproduction of your painting on the cover are included, and more can be ordered at any time.

10% goes to the animal charity of the month, see my intro for information.