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Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

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who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Treats, Good Causes and Lovely Lists

A bunch of latest treasuries featuring the EFA Team Store.

First we start with a huge thank you to Whimbrella for featuring EFA even though they are not a member store. We really really appreciate it! :)
This is a fabulous treasury filled with items which go for "A Good Cause"

Here's a beautiful purple treasury related featuring stores which are part of the 20% off Birthday Bash Promo. Thank you so much cthings for creating this "Lovely list from EFA"

And we close with LolaLynn's super delicious "Birthday Treats" treasury. Everything looks soooo yummy in there!!! *Slurp* Thank you Lynn! :)

Please support all these treasuries. And please keep more coming :)

Signing off... your treasury hunter,
- Susmitha :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

EFA Rockin' BNR

JMcGuinness has created a very tempting BNR featuring the EFA Team Store (thanks to Katie of mishkat) and a bunch of others participating the Birthday Bash. All people (including people who are not members of Team EFA) are welcome to purchase ANY item from the featured stores and get that item replaced by one of their own. Since the team is large and well known, you are bound to get plenty of exposure if your item is in the treasury. And you also get the good karma of buying from someone who donates a portion of their proceeds to help animals.

So come join the fun at "EFA Rockin' BNR Round 3!" :)

- Susmitha :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pure Happiness and BNR to help EFA

UnConventional has created this gorgeous treasury featuring the EFA Team Store. Just looking at it is "Pure Happiness"! :)

And here's a fabulous Buy n Replace to help EFA by tackybackintime. Even non-members can play :)

Please support these treasuries which our members have spent their valuable time to create :)

- Susmitha :)

Missed out on these treasuries

2 awesome treasuries which I missed out on while they were running since I was busy over the weekend. But they're so beautiful, it would be a pity not to post the screen shots here.

The first one's by makemesmile. I had managed to grab a screen shot before it expired.

And this one's by Annette of dragonhouseofyuen who did all the work and convoed me the information directly :)

Off to go scout for new treasuries now which feature the EFA Team Store in them!

- Susmitha :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Bday Party Animals!

A gorgeous greens and aquas treasury for EFA by cricketapollo.

Come to the treasury and join the party with your clicks and comments and purchases! ;)

Happy Bday Party Animals!

Thanks cricket!! :)

- Susmitha :)

for a good cause...and ON SALE

A beautiful, well planned treasury by chendric. I love the way it flows!! :)

for a good cause...and ON SALE

Please support the treasury.

- Susmitha :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Birthday Bash Treasuries

Yet another lovely birthday treasury featuring the EFA Team Store by Annette of dragonhouseofyuen.

Thanks for all your hard work Annette!! :)

"Number 1 Doggy Style"
Uh oh... who invited the cat?

And here's one from me - artbysusmitha! :D

"150 Stores, Great Deals EFA ROCKS"

The next time around, I'm hoping to grab one on the main treasury list! :)

- Susmitha :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

get REDy fur the PARTY

"get REDy fur the PARTY" with dragonhouseofyuen's awesome new treasury! As always, Annette sent me the screen shot herself, so you get to see the alternates too :)

Thanks Annette!! :)

- Susmitha :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Ready for the October Challenge

My husband, Bill, said, "Its hard out voting the cat lovers party." And he was right. The October Challenge theme is: "HALLOWEEN CATS."

1. Convo me with the link to the item in your shop
2. Tell me a bit about how your entry fits the theme
3. Share how you support animal charities and EFA
4. Tag the item in your shop: efahalloweencats (all one word)

DEADLINE: September 30

We already have 2 wonderful entries.

Thanks, LolaLynn

Packrat Paradise and more Blue

It's always nice to have non-members featuring items from the EFA Team Store. Means that the store's getting exposure outside of the team and that makes a world of difference because every extra bit counts.

Toomanytreasures has created their very first treasury and it's such a fun theme. All the beautiful items featured in this "Packrat Paradise" reach right out and touch the packrat in all of us! Thanks for featuring us! :)

As much as we love having non-members featuring us, we also really appreciate those members who repeatedly put EFA in their treasuries. And the top person among these is definitely Cynmb. Here is another of her famous "Blue" treasuries.

Please support both these treasuries.

Until next time... your treasury hunter,

- Susmitha :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

LUNARIA SEED embedded - Plantable handmade Paper made from Lunaria seed pods - Happy Birthday Card by Recycledideas

(Congratulations to recycledideas. This item has sold)

** Give the gift that keeps on giving **Lunaria flowers decorate the front of this handmade paper card. I make the paper by hand using the papery seed pods of the lunaria plant. The dried, pressed pulp is at once rich with fibrous tendrils - yet smooth and soft. This paper also has lunaria seeds embedded in it. This card can be grown.

Lunaria is a fragrant plant that produces big bunches of purple flowers and unique seed pods that look like silver dollars. The flowers smell wonderful. Fully grown, the plants stand about 4 feet tall and have big, broad leaves - perfect to hide an ugly foundation! Did I mention they smell great? They do!

This card comes with germination instructions. They germinate easily using this method. That's a sprout emerging from the plantable paper I make. Each card has about 20 seeds in it, which is more than enough to grow several plants. They can be planted in the fall for a spring bloom or in the spring for flowers the following spring.

Handpainted OOAK Grocery Tote Bag

(TheKnottySheep's tote is the 2nd prize winner in the September Birthday Bash Challenge Contest.)

♥ 5% of The Knotty Sheep's sales are donated to animal charities! My current charity of choice: PittieLove Rescue!

♥Something new from The Knotty Sheep™ - Handpainted OOAK Canvas Tote Bags!!It isn't a question of paper or plastic at the grocery store or farmer's market ... it is all about doing the right thing with style. Carrying an individual work of art is STYLE! Each one of a kind bag is hand painted with fabric dyes (by ME - and yes ... it IS signed!) While durable - for best results - spot clean. This cotton canvas bag is approx 12" h x 13" w. There is a 3" bottom gusset to pack those veggies in!! Woo-WHOO!! AND - speaking of veggies ... this bag is my entry for EFA's (Etsy for Animals) September "1st Birthday" theme challenge ... WhEEEEE!Artists supporting artists & animals .... YiPpEEREALLY, REALLY proud member of EFA:

Matching human visor and fancy dog collar by dogonwear

Celebrate the EFA TEAM SHOP"S 1st Birthday with your favorite doggy. This lightweight Visor is perfectly festive for celebrating the EFA Birthday Bash . And a matching stylish collar for your dog comes with it. Collars are made in all sizes and can be made in many colors. This particular one is made with Fleece but other fabrics are available.

EFA September challenge 08 by curlymonkey

The theme of this month is:"Happy 1st Birthday to the EFA Etsy Street Team Store!". I chose this beautiful elephant and this very soft yellow organic onesie from american apparel. The appliqué looks great. Happy birthday EFA!

This OOAK organic onesie is a size 6-12 mos. And can be found in curlymonkey's Etsy Shop A portion a the sales will be donated to AWBAR.

Defending Angel Beaded Pin by WHSKR

This beautiful hand beaded brooch is inspired by Russian icons and costumes of the past - I think of it as an angel ready to defend animals. Her brass moon face is surrounded by glowing glass beads of the highest quality, all hand sewn with quality Nymo beading thread onto firm hand painted pelmet vilene. There is a brooch back hand sewn to the reverse with colourless 'invisible' thread.The brooch stands just over 3 inches - 8 cms from her base to the top of her golden coronet.

Happy Birthday TEAM EFA SHOP!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(This entry tied for 3rd place in the September Birthday Bash Challenge Contest)

This listing shows my entry for Etsy For Animals September Challenge 08. The SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE theme is "HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to the EFA SHOP".

I've embroidered a sign "EFA Celebrates! 1 Year Helping Animals. I've crocheted two little animals to help with the celebration and to get the word out! "Efa the Elephant" is as sweet as she can be. She stands 4 inches tall by 6 and 1/4 inches wide (her big ears!) I've used a very soft gray yarn, pink felt for the inside of the ears and her little pink tongue, white and black felt behind her black and silver eyes, and bits of white frill yarn for her eyelashes and tuft of hair. I finished her off with a pretty bright pink and white daisy button and pink satin bow that sits on top of her head. Efa the elephant is for sale for $20.00 plus shipping. Please contact me for a special invoice if you are interested.
Awbie the Raccoon is just smitten with Efa! He holds up a sign with her name to show his love for all to see. I made him with soft mixed shades of mustard yellow and black yarns. He has black and silver eyes that stand out on his raccoon mask. I had the most fun with his tail, which makes him so handsome with it's black and mustard strips. He hopes that Efa notices and thinks so too! Awbie is also for sale for $20 plus shipping.

If you would like to purchase Efa and Awbie together (so they can live happily ever after!), you can buy them at the discounted price of $30.00 plus shipping. Again, please contact me first for a revised invoice. 10% from the sale of Efa will go to Etsy For Animals, where 100% of all money goes directly to the animal charity of the month. 10% from the sale of Awbie will go to AWBAR, a wonderful group dedicated to saving wild baby animals and nursing them back to health. You can visit their Etsy store by going to It's members, also very talented, have donated wonderful handmade items to the AWBAR store.

Efa and Awbie plan to do what they can to get the word out about EFA's 1st Birthday bash and sale! Come join us September 15 through 30 and get 20% off off your total purchase in all participating shops!!

PollysPawPrint is an animal-themed shop that specializes in personalized dog and cat chair covers and crate comfort pads. There is also some vintage items which have been transferred from my other Etsy shop, EverTheSameTreasures, which is mostly a combination of vintage costume jewelry, books and collectibles.

Birthday Wishes - Happy Birthday Greeting Card by KaysK9s

Looking for the perfect birthday card for that dog lover in your life? Kay's K9s now offers greeting cards! These cards feature a photograph of my needle felted animals, and include a poem on the inside written by my talented mother.This card measures 4.25" x 5.5" in size and is professionally printed with a glossy finish on 80 lb. (215 gsm) card stock. It comes with a white envelope.

*** A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Ontario SPCA and local animal shelters. I also sponsor shelter dogs. For a picture of the current sponsored dog, please visit my blog ( By purchasing from Kay's K9s, you are helping to support animals in need. ***
* Wishing the Etsy for Animals (EFA) team shop a Happy First Birthday! * Please browse through the EFA store at (100% of the profits go to charity)

Team EFA Birthday Bash Party Hat Catnip Mouse by VivaLeChat

Happy Birthday, Team EFA!

In honor of Team EFA (Etsy for Animals)'s first birthday, team members are listing birthday party themed items (search "team efa" and "birthday" for more items)! This li'l guy is made to look like a party hat, complete with "Fun Fur" yarn "whiskers", bright colors, and a tail designed to look like a neck strap. Unlike my other mice, this one also has a flat-butt so it can stand up on end--just like a party hat!

And wow is my li'l girl ZZ jealous! Looks like I'll have to make her a party hat too!

I lost my Viva to heart failure on June 23, 2008, but want to help other people facing similar financial difficulties. A third of the proceeds from my mice will be going to, an organization that raises funds for low-income families with prohibitively high vet expenses.

8.5 x 11 Kitty Prince Print - 50 Percent to the EFA Charity of the Month by mvegan5

8.5 x 11" signed print on heavy matte paper, a border is left around the image. The original is a collage made with a photograph, vintage plastic, glass, and acrylic paint on canvas. This piece has been made to celebrate the Etsy for Animals Shop's first birthday!

50% of the sale of these prints will go to the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month, see my shop intro for information. I can also create smaller print sizes or greeting cards, convo me for info.

Buttercream with Sprinkles Pony Figurine

Happy 1st Birthday EFA Shop!!! To celebrate the occasion I made this little horse figurine with resin, and painted it to look like buttercream frosting and pastel colored sprinkles! Just like a birthday cake! Yay!

The horsey can be found in my shop: TheClayPony. You can view this listing here. The figurine is coated with a shiny gloss glaze. This little horse stands 1 1/2" high and is just over 1/2" thick.
10% of the sale of this figurine will be donated to the EFA Charity of the Month

Happy Birthday EFA by UniqueTreatDogBones

( This is the 1st place winner in the September Birthday Bash Challenge Contest)

This doggie muffin cake is in honor of EFA's first birthday!It was actually made for my birthday, but I had to share it with my boys, which made me alter it a tad so that they could have more at one time. So you will get the doggie version of this birthday muffin cake. It is larger than most muffins and is really a good sized personal cake. It is a taste treat that is worthy enough to use in celebration of anyone's birthday!

I will add some doggie safe icing to your pup cake at no additional charge. If you'd like it, just make a note in the notes to seller box!

Although this treat will remain eatable at room temperature, it will be best if kept in the refrigerator if not consumed right away. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life to approx. 3-4 weeks after delivery.

My charity is actually the EFA charity of the month for September, the Highland County (OH) Humane Society Animal Shelter. I have been giving 10% of this shops sales to them, as well as blankets and food at various times. This shelter has been one of my family's favorite places to donate for many years, as they service a large area and are always over crowded and in need.

The director currently has 62 animals at her personal home, caring for them and the ones at the shelter. She works tirelessly.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

EFA happy birthday!!!!

Here's a beautiful birthday treasury by Dogonwear. It's filled with fabulous birthday themed items from the EFA Team Store as well as the Team EFA members.

Since my net connection was down and I was unable to load the treasuries, she sent me the screen shots herself. You can see the alternates also. Click on either half and it'll take you to the treasury. Please support it.

Thanks Dogonwear! :)

EFA happy birthday!!!!!

Will come back with more treasuries later! :)

-Susmitha :)

EFA Turns One in 2008 - The Year of the Mouse Birthday Card by UniqueGrabs

This lovely and sweet Kreepy Kids Mouse wishes EFA a Happy 1st Birthday in 2008 - The Year of Mouse!

100% of the sale proceeds from this card will be donated to Singapore SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -

Cupcake Pouch by HazelHoney

Happy 1st Birthday EFA!!

My September challenge is a cupcake pouch to celebrate the event. You always need yummy treats for a birthday party right? Well this one will last for years to come and still look delicious! Body of this zippered pouch is made from a black vinyl pleather. Cupcake design along with 2 hearts are fleece appliques that are hand-stitched on. Clear glass seed beads add a little "sparkle". Inside is fully lined in a solid black fabric. Measures: 7.5" wide x 5.5" tall.

This item is for sale in my etsy shop I will donate 50% of purchase price to the efa charity of the month.

Happy 1st Birthday EFA TEAM SHOP - Earrings by LolaLynn

WOO! HOO! everyone. Happy 1st Birthday EFA TEAM SHOP! High fives all around..............or should that be high fours (you know for the paws)?

These earrings celebrate the EFA shop with the team colors and paw prints. Wear them proudly knowing all the great things that TEAM EFA does for animals through the team shop and as individuals. The ear wires are sterling silver. The large beads are turquoise. Wait for the promo from September 15-30 and you can buy them for 20% off with the coupon code:

10% of all the items in my shop, except where otherwise designated, goes to the EFA charity of the month.

Set of two Birthday Cards by 2kute

Happy birthday!! Great work this first year!!! Let's keep working to help animals.

This is a set of two Birthday Cards.They each measure 5.5" x 4.25" and come with envelopes.The cards are made using good weight cardstock, then using chalk and stencils, a present is detailed in one and the other has ballons. The little tag has the words "Happy Birthday" heat embossed on it.

2Kute supports the Jacksonville Humane Society. She also makes blankets for their no kill shelter that the animals get to keep when they are adopted.

Birthday Cake Music Box by JudyBFreeman

What says happy birthday better than a yummy cake and this one has a music box movement inside that plays Happy Birthday. And, with the happy kitty holding the single candle it's just right for Etsy for Animals' first Etsyversary party. Happy 1st Birthday to EFA!

25% of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.

1 Peacock Strutting His Feathers Greeting Card by ArtbyMarilyn

This beautiful peacock celebrates the 1st birthday of the EFA shop by fanning his plummage and strutting his stuff! ArtByMarilyn offers these cards in her shop:

I want to take a few moments to congratulate the EFA Shop on the anniversary of their first birthday. I am thrilled to be a part of making sure voices are heard around the world for animals who can't speak for themselves. Marilyn of Art By Marilyn

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bath Bomb Cup Cake- Bubbly, Fizzing, and Foaming- Gift Boxed- 1 Cup Cake from MoonsHarvest

(Congratulations to Moonsharvest. This item has sold.)

Happy 1st Birthday EFA! This item is entered in an EFA monthly challenge and 20% of all proceeds will help Animals in Need. To find out more visit

What makes our Cup Cakes different? Ours are fizzing, foaming, moisturizing and a bubble bath!We have added our Bubble Bar mixture to the icing and so you get lots of bubbles and a layer of Cocoa Butter holds the icing to the Cup Cake, it will melt in your tub, just slather the goodness all over. These Cup Cakes are full sized Cup Cakes, no minis here!

You get 1, with a candle, in a Gift Box, with a Gift Tag, all tied up with beautiful curly ribbons.

You will receive one Lemon Ice scented Cup Cake all adorned with sprinkles. Icing color may vary between yellow, violet, pink, teal, sky blue, orange, or leaf green and the sprinkles may vary as well. But it will be as beautiful as the ones in the picture. If you must have a specific color just let me know! Ingredients are:sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, borax, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, fragrance oil

EFA Birthday Bash Challenge entry by Midnightrabbits

A Celebration is going on in this bag! Animals are partying!

A Funky Bag. Celebrating EFA (EtsyFor Animals), celebrating animals. Golden mustard and tiger stripe, peeled back to show Fairy Pig casting magical spells all over the place. It's a celebration! Sparkle and shine, Fairy Pig is ready to party. She calls up her friends rabbit, frog and mouse, who have dressed for the occassion.

The bag is made with acrylic felt, and cotton. It is fully lined in cotton, and has two inside pockets, (one patch pocket, one small zipped pocket). It has a magnetic fastening, and a re-inforced base. The picture has been made using an inkjet printer. It measures approx 15inches (38cm) by 11inches (28cm), and the straps are 25inches (64cm) long, perfect for over the shoulder or in the hand.

20% of the sale of this item will be donated to the Etsy for animals charity of the month. Shop:

Pet Mini Scrapbook Accordian Album - EFA Birthday Bash by EnsorcelledMinds

The Birthday Bash is a cause for celebration, so I made a pet album to celebrate your love for your pet. The teal colour is the EFA store banner colour and the black paw on Page 2 is my way of working the EFA Avatar in to my project.

20% of the proceeds from this album will go the EFA Charity of the Month in the month it sells!

Ensorcelled Minds Inc. makes happy memories *from scraps to smiles* through handmade greeting cards and other paper art. The use of die-cuts and paper quilling are the principal techniques of my paper-pieced goodies. I also compose greetings on request for the insides of the cards.

mini Crayon roll up keeper HAPPY BIRTHDAY theme rollup by Whimseys

(This entry tied for 3rd place in the September Birthday Bash Challenge Contest - Lola Lynn)

A HAPPY BIRTHDAY theme...(I can make other themes-just convo me)this is a "mini" crayon roll up keeper...holds 8 crayons neatly...
Moms & Grandmoms will love these crayon rollups...keeps your kids crayons nice & neat & ready to go!!! When rolled up, they fit in your purse or diaper/tote bag; then just unroll for the little ones anywhere-anytime---toddlers love to slip the crayons in and out of the pockets and older children stay occupied coloring....

*This mini crayon roll-up holds up 8 crayons...*8 Crayolas are included... *unrolled measures 8" X 5"....*They also make perfect birthday party well a small gifts...if there is a special theme you would like just convo me & we'll see what we can work out!

I tend to support local animal rescues~~~one of my fav's is the cat adoption at the Pet Smart store~~~the company gives a nice space to our local cat rescues for cats that need new forever homes~~~I would like to use my donation money to support the upkeep of these sweet kitties till they find loving homes~~~I can sponser a cage each month & promote our EFA site~~~I think this would be a good way to spread the word about our etsy group~~~
I tend to support local animal rescues~~~one of my fav's is the cat adoption at the Pet Smart store~~~the company gives a nice space to our local cat rescues for cats that need new forever homes~~~I would like to use my donation money to support the upkeep of these sweet kitties till they find loving homes~~~I can sponser a cage each month & promote our EFA site~~~I think this would be a good way to spread the word about our etsy group~~~
View this item at:

Bunny Rabbit, Bulldog, Kitty Cat, Pig and Cardinal Birthday Cupcake Celebration Original Tiny Painting (ACEO) on Canvas by SharonFosterArt

I think the title for this painting is bigger than the actual painting. This is my entry for the September Challenge entry for EFA Birthday Bash.

Sides of the canvas are painted as an extension of the painting.This original is 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Painted on a 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch stretched canvas. Yes, it actually has little wood stretchers.
Would look fabulous on a little easel(not included).

Signed and dated on the back by me, Sharon Foster - a Mississippi artist.

All proceeds benefit Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Caledonia, MS. Please visit their website . You'll receive a receipt for your donation. Cedarhill is a 501C(3) non-profit organization. Your purchase of this ACEO helps provide a quality lifetime sanctuary to: lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars, wolves, dogs, cats, birds, horses, pot-bellied pigs, roosters and a handicapped squirrel.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheers by Elephant Dance

The Birthday Bash Extravaganza cannot go without some colorful greetings! This set of four birthday cards come in fantastic colors of blue, orange, and pink with highlights of yellow, purple, and brown. "Make a wish" and "Celebrate" with a little "Happy Birthday!
You can find this set and other greetings at Elephant Dance, where 15% of the sales goes to El's Help the Puppies Campaign. Help her help animals! And, from September 15-30, El will be accepting the Birthday Bash Coupon good for 20% off one entire order at both Elephant Dance and Tantalizing Stitches (DIY Supplies).
El is co-team leader of EFA Artists Helping Animals and is excited about the upcoming Birthday Bash Extravaganza!

It's His Party And He'll Cry If He Wants To by LateJuly

This is apart of the Charlie series. An original print 5"X7" print and photograph of Charlie in his 4th birthday party wearing a birthday hat. It is crazy how human like dogs can be, and this photo showcases that. While he looked like he had the birthday boy blues, he was actually quite happy the rest of the day!

About Charlie: Charlie is a very unusual Jack Russell Shih-tzu (you can conjure the abbreviation). Some fun facts about Charlie:-he was a rescue dog, who at 2 years was homeless as his family had moved and forgot him!-before being adopted he fell out of a two story window and survived-due to his health issues he is a vegetarian as he is sorely allergic to meat-he hopes to open up his own doggie restaurant some day-his favorite band is the Beatles and he loves music by Keith Jarrett

About LateJuly Photos: I volunteer at pounds and animal controls where I am the only rescue coordinator. I assist injured, sick, and challenged animals to find a home or rescue, to avoid unnecessary euthanasia. I take pictures of the animals, and they always fascinate me giving me the best and most interesting shots. I include a profile of the shelter animal and where I got their name from.

Happy Birthday EFA - September Challenge - Most fitting

Happy Birthday EFA!!!

"Party Elephant Small Gift Bag" - I chose this item as "Most Fitting" for the September Challenge, to me a birthday celebration is full of fun and excitement. Party Hats, Balloons, and more! I wanted to create something that was very bright and showed how much fun September will be for all of us that belong to the EFA team and our customers.....and how much good we have done...and can continue to do for the animals!! This little party elephant is all set for the big bash, he is wearing his party hat and there is one balloon to signify EFA's first birthday celebration! The bag is a waterproof fabric with EFA machine embroidered on the front. So fun!! The Elephant applique is vintage! He is such a cute little guy!! The gift card is from UniqueGrabs and is NOT included. You can visit his shop at Bag is 6" long by 5 1/2" wide. Use it to house a birthday card as a presentation, or fill it with your EFA promo packs. Use it as a gift bag...the choice is yours! View This Item

Chocolate Kiss for First Birthday! by Claynfiber

One big kiss for EFA!

Wheel thrown, altered and textured stoneware jar, made for EFA's first birthday.

Hide your keys inside, fill with paper clips, or simply display. Inside is food safe glaze. Add your own chain or cord and wear the EFA clay pendant.

Happy Birthday EFA!

Shabby Chic Style Wood Box by strandedtreasures

The September EFA Birthday Bash Challenge Entry Shabby Chic style wood box has been hand painted and sanded for a "weathered" appeal. Decorated on the box are polymer clay flowers that I handsculpted along with accents of Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads and leaves. Wrapped with a permanent white ribbon secured to the interior lid, this makes a perfect gift box that can be treasured and used for your trinkets and jewelry. Lid is hinged to the box. Measurement: 3.75" Wide x 2" High Interior space: 3.25" Wide x 1.75 High (when lid is shut)
Stradedtreasures donates items to the etsyforanimals shop.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Mouse from TheHouseofMouse

This little mouse would love to help someone special celebrate their birthday! She has baked a tiny little cake to bring to the party. She is the perfect birthday present for anyone who loves cute creations.

Made of pink and grey felt, black silks, cream and gren ribbon, black beads, cardboard, wood, silver aluminum foil, gold sequin, glue, monofilament and stuffed with polyfil. Birthday cake.
Take a closer look at Happy Birthday Mouse in TheHouseofMouse Shop.
10% of my profits goes to the British animal welfare charity The Blue Cross where I adopted my beautiful rescue cat Nicki - In order to protect my customers with allergies all my creations are made and packed for shipping in a studio that Nicki does not have access to.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Treasury Frenzy! :)

Thanks to a bunch of really nice curators, a whole lot of awesome new treasuries featuring the EFA Team Store have popped up in the past couple of days.

The first two are from hhopper. One in the main list and the other at treasury west. Both of them have fabulous color themes. And both of them are in honor of the EFA Bday Bash! :)

"Happy Bday Etsy for Animals!"

"Happy BDay Etsy for Animals! 2"

This next one is a hilarious and brilliant theme from dragonhouseofyuen. The screen shot comes directly from Annette so you get to see the alternates too :)

"Pearly White Against The Furrrr"

WHSKR is celebrating "Christmas in September!!" and believe me when I say, this is one celebration you don't wanna miss! :)

Sewelsonwoodcraft has created another one of those beautiful treasuries they've been making lately and this one is all about "ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS". Oh and by the way, Maurice is now a member of EFA! :D

And finally, we close with one of ShaggyChic's famous BNR's which never forget to feature the EFA Team Store! :)

"BINDI's Simply Irresistible BNR!!"

As always please support all the treasuries!!

Thanks for reading! ;)

- Susmitha :)