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Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's His Party And He'll Cry If He Wants To by LateJuly

This is apart of the Charlie series. An original print 5"X7" print and photograph of Charlie in his 4th birthday party wearing a birthday hat. It is crazy how human like dogs can be, and this photo showcases that. While he looked like he had the birthday boy blues, he was actually quite happy the rest of the day!

About Charlie: Charlie is a very unusual Jack Russell Shih-tzu (you can conjure the abbreviation). Some fun facts about Charlie:-he was a rescue dog, who at 2 years was homeless as his family had moved and forgot him!-before being adopted he fell out of a two story window and survived-due to his health issues he is a vegetarian as he is sorely allergic to meat-he hopes to open up his own doggie restaurant some day-his favorite band is the Beatles and he loves music by Keith Jarrett

About LateJuly Photos: I volunteer at pounds and animal controls where I am the only rescue coordinator. I assist injured, sick, and challenged animals to find a home or rescue, to avoid unnecessary euthanasia. I take pictures of the animals, and they always fascinate me giving me the best and most interesting shots. I include a profile of the shelter animal and where I got their name from.

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