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Thursday, September 11, 2008

LUNARIA SEED embedded - Plantable handmade Paper made from Lunaria seed pods - Happy Birthday Card by Recycledideas

(Congratulations to recycledideas. This item has sold)

** Give the gift that keeps on giving **Lunaria flowers decorate the front of this handmade paper card. I make the paper by hand using the papery seed pods of the lunaria plant. The dried, pressed pulp is at once rich with fibrous tendrils - yet smooth and soft. This paper also has lunaria seeds embedded in it. This card can be grown.

Lunaria is a fragrant plant that produces big bunches of purple flowers and unique seed pods that look like silver dollars. The flowers smell wonderful. Fully grown, the plants stand about 4 feet tall and have big, broad leaves - perfect to hide an ugly foundation! Did I mention they smell great? They do!

This card comes with germination instructions. They germinate easily using this method. That's a sprout emerging from the plantable paper I make. Each card has about 20 seeds in it, which is more than enough to grow several plants. They can be planted in the fall for a spring bloom or in the spring for flowers the following spring.

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  1. this is the coolest thing!!!!!
    I gonna go get me one now!!


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