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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(This entry tied for 3rd place in the September Birthday Bash Challenge Contest)

This listing shows my entry for Etsy For Animals September Challenge 08. The SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE theme is "HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to the EFA SHOP".

I've embroidered a sign "EFA Celebrates! 1 Year Helping Animals. I've crocheted two little animals to help with the celebration and to get the word out! "Efa the Elephant" is as sweet as she can be. She stands 4 inches tall by 6 and 1/4 inches wide (her big ears!) I've used a very soft gray yarn, pink felt for the inside of the ears and her little pink tongue, white and black felt behind her black and silver eyes, and bits of white frill yarn for her eyelashes and tuft of hair. I finished her off with a pretty bright pink and white daisy button and pink satin bow that sits on top of her head. Efa the elephant is for sale for $20.00 plus shipping. Please contact me for a special invoice if you are interested.
Awbie the Raccoon is just smitten with Efa! He holds up a sign with her name to show his love for all to see. I made him with soft mixed shades of mustard yellow and black yarns. He has black and silver eyes that stand out on his raccoon mask. I had the most fun with his tail, which makes him so handsome with it's black and mustard strips. He hopes that Efa notices and thinks so too! Awbie is also for sale for $20 plus shipping.

If you would like to purchase Efa and Awbie together (so they can live happily ever after!), you can buy them at the discounted price of $30.00 plus shipping. Again, please contact me first for a revised invoice. 10% from the sale of Efa will go to Etsy For Animals, where 100% of all money goes directly to the animal charity of the month. 10% from the sale of Awbie will go to AWBAR, a wonderful group dedicated to saving wild baby animals and nursing them back to health. You can visit their Etsy store by going to It's members, also very talented, have donated wonderful handmade items to the AWBAR store.

Efa and Awbie plan to do what they can to get the word out about EFA's 1st Birthday bash and sale! Come join us September 15 through 30 and get 20% off off your total purchase in all participating shops!!

PollysPawPrint is an animal-themed shop that specializes in personalized dog and cat chair covers and crate comfort pads. There is also some vintage items which have been transferred from my other Etsy shop, EverTheSameTreasures, which is mostly a combination of vintage costume jewelry, books and collectibles.

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