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Monday, September 8, 2008

Bath Bomb Cup Cake- Bubbly, Fizzing, and Foaming- Gift Boxed- 1 Cup Cake from MoonsHarvest

(Congratulations to Moonsharvest. This item has sold.)

Happy 1st Birthday EFA! This item is entered in an EFA monthly challenge and 20% of all proceeds will help Animals in Need. To find out more visit

What makes our Cup Cakes different? Ours are fizzing, foaming, moisturizing and a bubble bath!We have added our Bubble Bar mixture to the icing and so you get lots of bubbles and a layer of Cocoa Butter holds the icing to the Cup Cake, it will melt in your tub, just slather the goodness all over. These Cup Cakes are full sized Cup Cakes, no minis here!

You get 1, with a candle, in a Gift Box, with a Gift Tag, all tied up with beautiful curly ribbons.

You will receive one Lemon Ice scented Cup Cake all adorned with sprinkles. Icing color may vary between yellow, violet, pink, teal, sky blue, orange, or leaf green and the sprinkles may vary as well. But it will be as beautiful as the ones in the picture. If you must have a specific color just let me know! Ingredients are:sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, borax, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, fragrance oil

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