This blog is dedicated to promoting and

fund driving for Team EFA members'

chosen animal charities.

Etsy for Animals (EFA) aka Artists Helping Animals,

is a team of independent artists, craftspeople,

vintage sellers and craft suppliers on

who are dedicated to providing charitable relief to animals

by donating a portion of the profits from their shops

to an animal charity of their choosing,

and/or to EFA's featured Charity of the Month.

Friday, August 31, 2012

EFA's Member Charity Promotions Program

EFA's Monthly Challenge Team would like to announce a brand new member promotions program called Etsy for Animals Member Charity Promotions (aka EFA Member Charity Promotions) which will replace our Monthly Challenge program, effective immediately.

EFA's new Member Charity Promotions program will continue in a similar tradition utilizing our current Challenge Blog site (which will be renamed the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog) as a venue to promote EFA members' team tagged products. Team tagged products, as is currently our team policy, must benefit a formal animal charity organization of some kind.

The primary purpose of our new program will be to assist our members in promoting one of their products in order to facilitate fund raising for the animal charity organization of their choosing, which may or may not be EFA's featured Charity of the Month. The selected product will not need to fit any specific theme and will be on a permanent Anything Goes cycle.

The entry becomes an advertisement of sorts- not only for the actual product but also for the animal charity organization it will benefit. The blog post will include information about the product, its retail cost, which animal charity it will benefit once sold. Information about the charity itself such as their website and why the member is "sponsoring" them, as well as how much will be donated to said charity - specified either in actual dollars or in percentage value- a minimum of at least 10%.

The blog post & product will be promoted on our Social Media channels by Team EFA's dedicated volunteers: on EFA's Fb fan page; on our Twitter account and our Pinterest group. It will also be announced on EFA's Yahoo Groups and posted on our Etsy Teams group. Member participation will be sought to Share, Promote and Heart the item as a way to collectively advertise the product through our Circles. 

But wait! there is more… the second purpose of our new EFA Member Charity Promotions Program is to create an actual fund driving effort for one of our member's charity. That's right… here's where it gets even more exciting ! 

We will be asking each entrant to donate a $2 gift as an entry fee for their advertising slot on the blog. For every 16 entries we receive- an Etsy Treasury will be created- putting each product in a visible collection on A competition will then ensue on our blog with a voter Poll in which the winner's animal charity organization will win the $32 entry fee jackpot. 

Anyone can vote so let's see how many votes people can muster up for their charity... what a grand cause- an actual monetary donation to a charity ! 

How does it get any better? We do it again! That's right, after we post the Treasury and Poll on the blog… we can start again with a fresh batch of 16 entries. For right now, we'll keep this program on a Monday to Friday schedule but if this new promotional program takes off- we can expand it to a daily posting schedule. Team EFA is here to "Make A Difference" !


How to Enter EFA's Member Charity Promotions Program

Want to promote your animal charity ? Want a chance to fund raise for your chosen charity ? Why not participate in our new EFA Member Charity Promotions Program then ! 

Entering the EFA Member Charity Promotions Program is a fun way to participate in the EFA street team and it's a great opportunity to fund drive for your chosen animal charity !

Every month, EFA members may submit one of their product listings to be featured on the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog. Product items need to be 'efa team' tagged and must benefit a formal animal charity organization with a monetary pledge. 

So let's get started… if you are an EFA member whom would like to submit one of your 'efa team' tagged products to be advertised on the EFA Member Charity Promotions Blog... 

...please convo our EFA Member Charity Promotions' Blog Leader, Jess of jessicalynneart, with the following information:

1. GiVE US the link to your 'team efa' tagged product.

2. TELL US all about your product, including its retail price.

3. NAME the animal charity and give us their web link or the url for its Fb page. (n.b: you may not name WWF or PETA as a charity of choice as Team EFA does not support those organizations as a team)

4. DiSCUSS why you've chosen that charity- what makes them so special, for example.

5. SPECiFY how much your monetary pledge will be to the charity once the item sells… either in exact dollars or as a percentage relating to its -retail- price (this must be represent a minimum of 10%).

Three more important steps...

6. TiTLE THE CONVO to Jess with: EFA CHARITY PROMOTIONS (all in caps)

7. BE SURE TO RENEW your listing so it does not expire within this promotional time period !

8. SEND IN your $2 entry fee as a 'gift' to the Paypal address Jess will provide in her confirmation convo. Once received, your advertisement will be scheduled for the next available week day slot for the current cycle.


For every *16 entries we receive- an Etsy Treasury will be created- putting each product in a visible collection on A competition will then ensue on our blog with a voter Poll in which the winner's animal charity organization will win the **$32 entry fee jackpot. 

Anyone can vote so let's see how many votes people can muster up for their charity... what a grand cause and an actual monetary donation to a charity too ! 

Please note: Since Team EFA does not have its own Paypal account, our Team Leader: Nicole of Brizel4TheAnimals will be receiving your $2 fees which she will then disburse to the winning animal charity in one lump sum. A copy of the donation receipt will be posted on the blog under the voter Poll at the earliest convenience.

* or however many advertisements we get within the month

** however many entries x $2 will = the jackpot amount

for supporting our EFA Member 
Charity Promotions Program 
and for being an active 
member of our team !

Thursday, August 23, 2012

AUG Challenge Competition Treasury: Anything Goes

'Team EFA's Challenge Competition for August: "Anything Goes"' by thebluewindmill

This treasury consists of the first 16 entries of our monthly challenge and will be posted on the challenge blog where each visitor will have a chance to vote for their favorite item!

Silky Green Chemise - Renais...

Incognito, Rabbit with a Mus...

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed - T...

Boxer Dogs An OOAK 2D Wood P...

Original Cat Painting - Blue...

Run With The Big Dogs Bandan...

Watercolor cat painting, cat...

An Ear Full Saluki Dog Art M...

Love Blooms - Two Tulips - R...

Elk photograph 8x10 fine art...

Photo Print 11 x 14 Altered ...

Owl Human Headband and Dog C...

bright orange and black stri...

Tropical Treasure Carnelian ...

Marmite - jewelry trinket bo...

Coral fossil pendant, turquo...

Cast Your Vote: Anything Goes

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silky Green Chemise by TheAzryllianStar

Since anything goes this month, I'd like to show a little love to this celadon green chemise by TheAzryllianStar.

I donate a portion of my profits to a couple different animal charities, mostly the local spay/neuter program that I have been working with to get our feral cat population under control. And as part of that work, I became a rescue mom to my sweet kitty Liz, and I'm also fostering a sweet old soul, Butterscotch, whom I recently rescued with the help of a local spay/neuter organization.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Violet Days Print by JenniferLynnProducts

 This print by JenniferLynnProducts fits the theme, because it's "anything goes!"

Jennifer no longer takes in animals, but she still helps out when and as she can by donating funds or items to various rescues, helping to spread the word via social media, and helping with on-the-ground rescue efforts when she can. Additionally, a portion of Jennifer's sales goes to the Team EFA Charity of the Month, as well as other animal causes.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Owl Headband and Dog Collar Set by jessicalynneart

This owl headband and collar set will surely get a few glances and giggles on your daily walks with your pet. I made James Dean the collar and envied his adorableness so much that I just had to make myself a human-sized version of the accessory. When it comes to our fashion senses, it is true that "anything goes," making this a fun fit for the August challenge.

At least $1 from every sale by jessicalynneart is donated to the Pug Rescue of New England or the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA). I also enjoy donating card sets and collars to auctions that raise money for rescues. My current project is to raise money for the MSPCA's 2012 Walk for Animals. Anyone in the New England area is welcome to join the All You Need is Pug team and walk with us on Sept. 9 and all are invited to sponsor our team and helps us to assist animals in need. The money raised by the walk is used to fund the MSPCA's shelters, animal protection advocacy work, and medical facilities.

Friday, August 17, 2012

OOAK 2D Boxer Portrait by sunnypines

This one of a kind 2D wood picture of boxer dogs is one of my absolute favorite pet portraits. This picture was done by sunnypines for a very dear friend of mine. These 2 dogs are so adorable, I loved painting them. Although this is a custom portrait of 2 Boxers, I would love to do a custom portrait of your precious babe just for YOU. I always try to capture the personality of the pets in all my pictures. My passion and devotion for animals is put into each of my pictures, making them a truly one of a kind. These are unique, 2D pictures made entirely of wood (pine lathe on plywood).

I donate 10% of my sales to a local rescue/shelter, COTM, or give my custom order clients the opportunity to select a charity of their choice.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coral Fossil Pendant by TashinkaBeadingHeart

This necklace by TashinkaBeadingHeart fits the theme of "Anything Goes" and it is one of my favorite necklaces. I believe it falls so gracefully and the colors are so perfectly suited to one another. It has a big, bold look but is, I believe, very classy.

I have volunteered at a no-kill cat rescue shelter in previous years, enjoying it vastly, including fostering of kittens. It's amazing I didn't end up taking half the cats home with me - very tempting, there are so many worthy cats and dogs at shelters! I currently have at home three rescued cats.

Currently, I belong to many organizations that benefit animals, such as PETA, North Shore Animal League, Defenders of Wildlife, and many more and post many petitions on social media - as so many of us do - for the protection of animals, wild and domestic, the world over. I also am sure to visit and click on every single day to contribute to "free (to you) donations" to animal shelters in need. And, of course, I am a member of Team EFA - looking forward to making some sales with EFA tagged items!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marmite Jewelry Trinket Box by LuniqueUK

Marmite (a.k.a. Vegemite) is supposedly a love/hate food but as this month 'Anything goes' I'm making this one of a kind trinket box my contribution to the challenge!

I donate 10% off all Etsy sales from LuniqueUK to the Born Free Foundation and also support local animal charities with donations whenever I can.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed by ShortcakeDesigns

This one of a kind pet bed by ShortcakeDesigns is created from a gray vintage American Tourister suitcase and is fitted with a custom cushion providing 4 inches of comfy! A zipper is included in the cushion so that the filling can be changed, decreased, or increased. We just think its Purrrrr-fect!

10% of the sale of this bed will be donated to an animal rescue foundation. Either my local animal center via, or the Etsy for Animals charity of the month. So while you give your furry pal a super chic place to rest, remember you will also be helping numerous shelter animals find their furever homes. Thank you for looking!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Elk Photograph 8x10 by KneeDeepOriginals

This is one of my favorite pieces. This photograph by KneeDeepOriginals is full of soft light and features kinship with and respect for the natural world, and of course, it is ripe with the importance of companionship, even among the elk. It speaks to my desire to help people understand the beauty of these animals and all wildlife, to respect the world around us, and to be aware of our individual actions in regard to the outcome and consequences of human behaviors throughout the animal kingdom and our planet. It is a reminder to "walk in harmony with the universe." This is often my intent with my art, and it is why I donate a percentage of my artwork featuring animals, and often other nature pieces, to a variety of animal charities.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blue Boy Cat Painting by LolaLynn

50% of the purchase price of LolaLynn's brush paintings goes to support Courageous Cats of Long Island. Maria and her team rescue and do TNR on ferals. We have adopted from Courageous Cats twice now with the recent addition of Pippa, our polydactyl. My shop also participates in EFA's Charity of the Month program.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saluki Dog Art Mouse Pad by terikor

As our August Monthly Challenge Theme is "Anything Goes", I decided to share my breed of dog, the Saluki. Not only am I sharing the Saluki breed but also I am featuring an item that depicts one of my own Salukis. I chose to share a mouse pad of my Saluki, Zoe. Zoe was lure coursing when this picture was taken. I was so enamored by the photo that I decided to create a drawing based on the image. One can see by the smile on her face that she loves to run. This drawing is so special to me that I have used it to create many artsy products including this mouse pad. Actually I use this particular mouse pad at my desk so that I know Zoe is always with me.

The Saluki is the oldest recognized breed. Salukis come in many different colors but I prefer the Grizzle color because the mask around the face gives Salukis so much character. Salukis go back to the time of the Pharaohs. They were bred to hunt rabbits and gazelle. They are born to run but at the same time are very much the couch potato. Watch out they love to hog the bed.

A percentage of all my sight hound and Saluki items from terikor go to the benefit of Stola, Saluki Tree of Life. This is the national rescue organization for Salukis. Besides donating to Stola, I have fostered Salukis for them. Stola also calls on me to do home checks on potential homes in the Los Angeles area. Salukis have become such an integral part of my life giving me pleasure and unconditional love that I feel it is so important in my small way to give back to those Salukis in need.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Run With The Big Dogs Bandana and Collar Set by AstridNicoleEtcetera

The item is a sampling of our collars and bandanas that are made by AstridNicoleEtcetera for dogs, fitting the 'anything goes' theme for August.

Having a desire to give back to the shelter that took such good care of our dog Astrid while she was a guest of theirs, every item we create benefits them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Love Blooms Print by kellywarrenphotoart

This lovely print was submitted by kellywarrenphotoart for our Anything Goes challenge.

My animal charity work: I'm one of two lead volunteer photographers for the city of Jacksonville's Animal Care & Protective Services. I photograph the animals in the shelter for the website and Facebook page. You can take a look at some of my more recent shots here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Maine Motif Hat by knitbyvalerie

I made this hat for my shop after I made a version for myself and loved how it turned out! This hat by knitbyvalerie is striped and features a subtle motif of my home state of Maine. It's made from sport-weight sock yarn, so it's soft and squishy and perfect for fall.

I am the daily main blog promoter for our fine team as well as supporting local shelters with my shop. A minimum of 10% of all sales (both on Etsy and "in real life") is donated to a trio of local rescues, all of whom I have adopted from.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Incognito Rabbit with a Mustache by thebluewindmill

This is an original mixed media art piece by thebluewindmill of a rabbit hiding amongst the cacti in the Arizona desert. This fits the them because "anything goes".

I serve as the EFA challenge leader, perform service work for animals through petitions, house my own rescue, and help feed the stray animals and wild birds in the neighborhood.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tropical Treasure Bracelet by JewelryByScotti

Delight in the colors of a tropical paradise with this memory wire bracelet by JewelryByScotti.

My activities on behalf of animals include donating to several animal charities, including Wolf Park, Big Cat Rescue, the Humane Society of Central Illinois, Defenders of Wildlife, the International Wolf Sanctuary, and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8x10 Cat Watercolor Painting by ThimbleSparrow

This painting by ThimbleSparrow is a fun and adorable piece to kick off the Anything Goes Challenge!

I donate regularly to my favorite animal charities, as well as donate a percentage of my sales from all of my original paintings. I also participate in the Team EFA COTM Program.