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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coral Fossil Pendant by TashinkaBeadingHeart

This necklace by TashinkaBeadingHeart fits the theme of "Anything Goes" and it is one of my favorite necklaces. I believe it falls so gracefully and the colors are so perfectly suited to one another. It has a big, bold look but is, I believe, very classy.

I have volunteered at a no-kill cat rescue shelter in previous years, enjoying it vastly, including fostering of kittens. It's amazing I didn't end up taking half the cats home with me - very tempting, there are so many worthy cats and dogs at shelters! I currently have at home three rescued cats.

Currently, I belong to many organizations that benefit animals, such as PETA, North Shore Animal League, Defenders of Wildlife, and many more and post many petitions on social media - as so many of us do - for the protection of animals, wild and domestic, the world over. I also am sure to visit and click on every single day to contribute to "free (to you) donations" to animal shelters in need. And, of course, I am a member of Team EFA - looking forward to making some sales with EFA tagged items!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful piece!

    wonderful charity work!

  2. This necklace is beautiful... Love all you've done for the kitties in the world, too.

  3. Your work is rich and intricate- your passion shows thru and thru :)


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