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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You by TheModDog

This adorable 1" traditional buckle collar screams SPRINGTIME! It features cute little white bunnies with pink tails sitting in the grass in blue, pink, or purple. The collar has a strong plastic side release buckle and a D-ring for attaching tags. All collars are triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability.

I volunteer from the Atlanta Weimaraner Club Rescue ( in Atlanta,GA. I help out with adoption days when I can, and also donate collars and a portion of my sales to this rescue. I have also donated collars to other rescues, but this is the main one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

buried treasure ORIGINAL 5x7 ILLUSTRATION by LonesomeRoadStudio

What do hopping rabbits like? Carrots!

Treasure is everywhere; sometimes you have to dig around for it! "Buried Treasure" features four unusual varieties of carrots in their unique colors, shapes and sizes; the brilliantly reddish-colored slender "Atomic Red," the slightly stubby "Red Core Chantenay," the exotic-looking "Purple Haze," and the graceful "Touchon." The carrots' wispy white roots form curlicues and hearts, and their green tops reach for a bright blue sky. "Buried Treasure" illustrates the pleasures of growing our own food and reminds us to try some of the unusual heirloom varieties that were enjoyed before hybridized and geneticized produce dominated stores.

I am a new member of EFA Artists Helping Animals and a portion of the purchase price of some of my items (more to come!) will be donated to the EFA charity of the month. I am also a member of the Etsy Honeybee Helpers team, and I donate a portion of the purchase price of selected items to, a group working to promote awareness and research of Colony Collapse Disorder in the honeybee population.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Peeper ACEO by fenrislorsrai

Rain brings these little tree frogs out to start singing.

This ACEO is 2.5X3.5 inches (6.5X9 CM) . The original charcoal drawing is on bristol paper and has been sprayed with a fixative to prevent smudging.

Fenrislorsrai donates artwork to charity auctions and features charities in her blog on a regular basis:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Business Card, ATM Card, Credit Card Holder by veganessa aka midnightrabbits

Adorable, bright pink acrylic felt business card holder, or could be used for your cash cards, credit cards or anything about that size. In envelope style. has a cute white rabbit appliqued on the back, in white, with a red bead eye. It has 'run' handsewn in white thread beneath the rabbit.

Everything in veganessa's other shop, midnightrabbits, is being sold for charity. Currently 100% of every item sold will be donated to EFA's charity of the month.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Doves 11 x 17 print of original oil painting by ArtbyMarilyn

The doves are on my back shed every day and I had to paint them.
They are a very beautiful bird underneath their wings of gray-brown is pink and blue and white. They get so close I can touch them. I am thrilled

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wesley Rabbit Bag by dragonhouseofyuen

A beautiful handmade art-accessory bag of Wesley my albino lop rescue rabbit. He is wearing his favourite grizzly bears jumper with the North American brown bears. On one side is a raised padded applique of a grizzly bear profile with shiny golden safety eyes fixed into place under the applique. They catch the light wonderfully! On the other side is a detailed print of two very large brown bears standing in a prairie. If you lift the lop ear slightly you will see the face of the hiding bear - he is rather shy and has decided that Wesley's ear is the perfect place for concealment.

My ditty: "Hopping safely into spring after being rescued!"

I will donate 10% of the sale of this bag to The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare - This is the rescue, down in Rugby, England, that I travelled 600 miles to, so that I could bring my beautiful Wesley home. I wish all their rabbits and guinea pigs happiness and never ending love - and to find their forever home.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bunny Rabbit Earrings by TheClayPony

Michele (mvegan5) first gave me the idea to use my animal figurines for earrings. These fluffy looking bunnies were handmade with polymer clay, printed images of my own drawings, acrylic paint, and are sealed with a shiny clear resin. They are hanging on silver plated hooks. Each rabbit stands just over 1/2" high and 1/4" thick.

You can find a matching bracelet in Lacewood's shop. Her bracelet is made with handspun yarn and two bunny buttons that I made specially for her.

50% of the sale of these earrings will be donated to the Etsy for Animals Charity of the Month.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bracelet - Rabbits in the Rose Garden - by Lacewood

This lacy bracelet is so soft and delicate - and such a striking combination of handspun angora, silvery bits, glass, and handmade bunny buttons! This is truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND bracelet!

One of the things that's especially cool is that the bunny buttons I used on my bracelet were hand made for me by another EFA member, Stacie of The Clay Pony. She'll be submitting earrings of the same bunnies - so between the two of us, we're selling a matching set! How's that for a collaborative effort? I'm really thrilled with the buttons she made for my bracelet, and I'm proud of the results of our efforts.

I think my bracelet fits the theme very nicely - 2 bunnies sit in a green garden facing each other over a silver plated flower patch, surrounded by silver & glass roses. This bracelet "garden" is enclosed at both ends with gorgeous silver plated brass trellises. These two silver trellises create a garden gate on the inside of your wrist, gently tied closed with a corset lacing of delicately crocheted elastic for a perfect fit for almost any wrist!

What could be more emblematic of spring than a new green garden, complete with bunnies? And where there's bunnies, there's hopping... With this bracelet you can wear a little spring garden right on your wrist.

I'm especially thrilled with this month's challenge because it so obviously lends itself to rabbitty themes - and my charity of choice is Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue! In recent months they have purchased and have been renovating a new small facility for their operations, and very recently rescued 30 rabbits from a "collector" who could no longer care for them. Rabbit welfare issues are close to my heart because my own bunny is one of the most overprivileged rabbits on earth, and we are both well aware that many bunnies are not nearly so lucky. My bunny is an angora rabbit, and he helps me make the handspun angora yarn and lace items I sell in my etsy shop - including the yarn I used to knit this bracelet!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bunny Lovey by bewhiskered

Super soft fur and a satin belly combine to send this bunny lovey off the charts for smooshability. Floppy ears provide a handy way for your child to tag him along on adventures.

My loveys combine the visual and tactile interest of a taggie with the size and smooshability of a lovey allowing them to be loved from birth through toddler-hood.

His incredible softness will appeal to newer babies while older babies will appreciate the 12 different colors and textures of the fabric claws. Toddlers will find the size perfect for carrying and the lightly stuffed head comfy when used as a pillow.

Moms will appreciate his washability and durability - machine washable on the delicate cycle, line dry or tumble dry low. All his pieces and parts are securely fastened for safety.

He measures approximately 18" wide from tip of claw to tip of claw and his body (from nose to 'tocks) is 20".

I am donating 10% of 2009 profits to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I do as much as I can (blogging and so forth) to spread the word about EFA.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bunny and white eggs stitch markers by MarkItPlace

Hop into spring with this lampwork bunny and 3 "egg" stitch makers, with pink accent beads. Silver loops fit up to size 8 US size needle.

OUR PET CHARITY is "Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets" dedicated to taking care of pets of deployed service personnel

Monday, April 20, 2009

Great GIft for a Little One-Crocheted Bunny Baby Blanket Binky by nevadawoodswerables

When my husband was a cute little boy, he carried around a tattered blanket he called his Binky. In honor of him, I am calling this line of baby blankets with crocheted animal heads "Binkies".

This adorable blanket has been crocheted in a soft washable acrylic yarn. A smiling bunny head with big, floppy ears tops the 14" X 14" blanket. This is the perfect little blanket/stuffed animal combo for little hands to carry around. The features have been embroidered on so there is no danger of small parts ending up in little mouths. I made this Binky as part of the Etsy for Animals Monthly Challenge--"Hop into Spring". A part of the sales of all my items goes to animal charities.

I am a new member of EFA, and both of my shops donate to ASPCA, Bestsfriends and Alleycats.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

8.5 x 11 My Trinity Print by mvegan5

8.5 x 11" print on heavy matte paper of my oil pastel painting on wood, "My Trinity.

" 5 x 6.5" greeting cards available for $3 each, or $2 each for 2 or more, may be mixed with my other card/print images in shop. 10% or more goes to the animal charity of the month, see my shop intro and

Saturday, April 18, 2009

White Rabbit - Cream Bunny Hat by makemesmile

Knitted bunny hat with ear flaps. This bunny hat is handmade from cream and pink acrylic yarn.

Bunny(=hop) + hat(=spring can still be chilly) = easter.

Most items I make and sell have 100% going to animal shelter Stevenshage in Leiden. At the moment they are looking to raise money for neutering the male rabbits, so a bunny hat fits in with that cause.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Without you I'd croak - Single Handmade Card by EnsorcelledMinds

I love this little boy showing off his hippity hoppity frog! This stamp from High Hopes is going to do wonders for the scrapbook pages of my nephews! Fortunately for me, it also fits the April EFA Theme!

Like EFA, I like to rotate the charities to which I donate. However, there are three which my art supports: Souther Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR - a local dog rescue), Etsy for Animals and Creative Animal Relief. Outside of my shops, I teach beginner card making classes from time to time with half of the class proceeds going to SOAR.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Valentine Luv Bunny by wovendreams

I'm Valentine. Will you adopt me? I need a forever home.

Valentine is a bunny made of handwoven (by me, of course) fabric. I call this series (yes, there are more) my Luv Bunnies. She/he stands 11 inches tall. She/he has set in eyes, a button heart and tied ribbons around her neck. She is not suitable as a young child's toy.

Adopt more Luv Bunnies to give Valentine a friend and start your own warren.

Wovendreams operates a rabbit rescue in Eastern North Carolina that is called Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. Some of the items on my site are 100% donations to the rescue. The money raised goes to hay and pellets. I get all their veggies from my garden or donated by the local grocery store. They are all discarded pet bunnies that I get healthy, spay/neuter, socialize and then put up for adoption to find forever homes. My husband and I started the rescue about 8 years ago. The rabbits stay with us in our home. We have found homes for over 100 rabbits.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Pug and the Birdie by nanjodogz

This little Pug has definitely got into the spirit of spring, he came upon a hungry baby bird and has decided to share his very tasty bone.

The sculpture is a mixed media piece. The Pug is hand-sculpted from polymer clay and sits next to a vintage wooden bird ornament embellished further with polymer clay eggs and beads.

Lately I have been giving to various charities over the Internet either through EFA or when a story really hits home and I have the money like Sammy's story -- -- from Noahs Arks Rescue, he broke my heart and I had a bit extra so my sister and I both donated something.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bun Ring by walkonthemoon

This ring is one of my faves. The bunny is absolutely adorable! Its sure to bring compliments. The neutral tone of the genuine Mother of Pearl makes it eye catching without being totally overpowering like some cocktail rings. Your bunny may face either left or right, based on what I have in stock. Adjustable band. Very Limited!

My charity work is with BONES Beagle Rescue. 100% of the purchase price of the Rose Earrings in my shop goes to Rescue Beagles in New England!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Up cycled flower treillis half apron - by recupefashion

This is a listing for a half apron made of recuperated 100 percent fabrics, which makes it a ecological purchase for the conscientious buyer. Be a hit when catering to your guest with this little number. It adds just the right touch to your outfit not too much and too to little. It measures 20.5 inches.

This item is 50 percent profit to EFA etsy for the rest assured that upon buying this

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Bath - a 4x6 photo on a 5x7 notecard by LolaLynn

How about a little spring cleaning?

This kitty is taking a long luxurious bath in Burano, Italy. I just love the rich and vibrant colors of this photo. If you ever get to Venice, taking the ferry to Burano is a must. Its brightly colored houses, green shuttered flower filled windows are charming. And the church's bell tower lean rivals that of Pisa.

This 4x6 photo is adhered to a 5x7 notecard and comes with a matching envelope.

LolaLynn's shop supports Etsy for Animals charity of the month every month as well as having designated items for AWBAR (Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue) and other charitable concerns as they arise.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Team EFA Spring - Hop into Spring with Whimsical Dots Snuggle Sack - custom embroidery by rendachs

My Dachshunds don't hop much but they sure love the spring colors and the lighter feel of their new snuggle sack.

Spring is here! Spoil your best friend with a lightweight soft and cozy furry fleece snuggle sack.

Your pet will love to snuggle inside this stylish super soft sack! You can slip a pillow inside for added comfort and watch your pet sink into the softness or simply watch your pet snuggle in the soft furry lining.

This sack measures 24"x 28". The sack includes an embroidered personalization. A wide turned down cuff will have your dog's name embroidered on it in your choice of color.

My contribution to the animals: fostering rescues, donations to the Dachshund rescue of North America, donations of items to my local humane society, generally helping when I can to any and all creatures, cheerleading for team EFA on Etsy, and just being kind to all animals.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chicken - A Watercolour and Embroidery on canvas by mimilove

Whilst there's no actual rabbits, "She's no Spring chicken!" something I hear quite often. Henny is nestled amongst a bushy undergrowth of hand embroidered greenery using a variety of silks and cottons in various shades of greens and yellows and a hint of contrasting lilac. A ribbon of embroidery and glittery glass beads in a rainbow of colours runs through the middle of the picture to give added texture

Its an original one of a kind, hand painted, watercolour painting with hand embroidery on stretched canvas. I've kept the painting free style to keep the colours fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible. Colours are shades of ochres, oranges and lavender with pinky red detailing.

The main charity I support is my local Cat's Protection centre . I give a percentage of any sales I make and also donate artworks and jewellery for fund raising events.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Desert Jack Rabbit Faux Ceramic Petroglyph Necklace by StephHansonCreations

This ceramic look polymer clay pendant features an ancient desert dwelling bun bun. Coated with a glossy glaze that brings out colors and sheen as well as protects the piece. The pendant measures approx 1" X 1" and is attached to a 16" waxed cotton cord (with 3" extender chain) by a handcrafted copper bail.

My entry fits the "Hop Into Spring" theme because it features a petroglyph bunny - and when you think of think about bunnies!

I support animal charities by volunteering at Dreamchaser PMU Rescue and Rehabilitation ( ) I help care for the horses and other animals there and I also recently adopted a rescued horse. I also donate 25% of my sales to the rescue and I'm also working on a Dreamchaser signature line of jewelry that the rescue can sell at adoption events and fundraisers. I am providing the jewelry and my services free of charge.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shocking Pink Needle Felted Bunny by BenMcFuzzylugs

This happy bunny measures approx 4 inches. She is lovingly dry needle felted from shocking pink merino fleece in a process taking many hours. She is totaly needle felted: no string, no wire, no filler - just fleeceeven her cute little paw pads.

Shes bright, she makes you smile (spring makes me smile), she is a bunny (that hops) and she is made from wool (spring lambs).

At least 50% of the price will go to an irish dog rescue charity dedicated to saving dogs from the pounds. That's where my dog Mia came from.

Monday, April 6, 2009


After a long cold winter its time to bring out the Hawaiian prints.

Aloha kitty. This fun Binky is perfect for your little sun bather. Lovely hibiscus flowers on a beautiful blue background. It is finished with jingle bells securely sewn in one corner. Made of cotton and with the reverse side a swirly design in black. This Binky is cub size.

But what is a Binky?

A Binky is a special toy/mat filled with catnip that will drive your kitty wild! Just open it, add the nip, and shake it up. This toy will provide you with endless entertainment and your kitty with euphoric bliss. You may find that your kitty will spend their day playing, sleeping, wrestling, and odd enough, licking on it.

100% of the clams (money) will go to the chosen EFA charity.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patient Pug by abpropst

This painitng is in the Impressionist style and is an original work of art. The "Patient Pug" is in acrylic paint and created on a 11x 14 inch masonite artist's panel. It is not yet framed.

The patient pug waits for the beagle to finish so that he can take a turn much the way that we patiently wait for Spring. 100% of the proceeds from this painting will be donated to EFA's charity of the month.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kitty Cucumber Patchwork Crib Size Quilt by faeriegood

What a great shower gift this would make,or maybe it's the perfect gift for the special little girl in your life.

This adorable quilt was designed, pieced and machine quilted by me, and is made of quilt shop cotton fabric with 100 percent cotton batting. It features six different framed kitty cucumber motifs alternated by pieced patchwork squares.

Pink is the predominant color, followed by green, purple and yellow. The binding was carefully hand sewn for the best possible finish and matches the backing fabric which is also used in the quilt body. I have already washed it several times to get the vintage crinkly look and the finished measurement is now 54"x41".It can be machine washed and dried.

The quilt was inspired by kitty named Bossy who crossed over the rainbow last spring. He had a pretty good life for a rescued ferral cat and had just celebrated his 20th (human years) birthday. He lived up to his name and helped to train my various dogs, cats, bunnies and hamsters in proper social conduct throughout his life time.

From the proceeds of the sale of this item I will donate $50 to the EFA Charity of the month for April which is:S*N*O http//

Friday, April 3, 2009

Surfer Girl Hat in Coquina by SunsetSurf

Ever since I made this I've thought "this looks like an Easter Egg!"Pastel colors always remind me of Spring.

This hat is perfect after a chilly day in the surf, during a night beach walk, or on any day that needs a little warming up. It is made from 100% space dyed wool, which makes it warm, breathable, and naturally water resistant. The yarn is a "thick and thin" yarn, which makes almost every stitch look a little different! All of these details combine to make this a one of a kind item. I call this color "coquina" because it reminds me of the beautiful pastel shades found on coquina shells.

Sunsetsurf donates 5% of all sales to the Save the Manatee Club.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Bunny Tags by Shesbattydesign

Bunny rabbits = Hop and they are often a symbol of spring time.

These are perfect for dressing up easter baskets, gifts, paper crafts, hanging off your calendar, or for endless other possibilities!

You get 3 cute bunny tags with this pack. They feature designer paper, foam cut bunnies, twine.. and are all built on top of high quality card stock

Shesbattydesigns has worked for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) for the past 4 years and loves being apart of an organization that helps to give animals a second chance! "It doesn't feel like work at all! .. I actually work way more than the hours I'm allowed so I'm actually volunteering almost as much as I'm working! I also have 3 rescued dogs and 1 rescued turtle! I'm consitently promoting the animals at the shelter so they can get adopted in to loving homes. My current position at the shelter is the "Volunteer and Humane Education Coordinator" so I do a lot of works with school and community groups to teach the next generations how to be humane citizens."