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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

buried treasure ORIGINAL 5x7 ILLUSTRATION by LonesomeRoadStudio

What do hopping rabbits like? Carrots!

Treasure is everywhere; sometimes you have to dig around for it! "Buried Treasure" features four unusual varieties of carrots in their unique colors, shapes and sizes; the brilliantly reddish-colored slender "Atomic Red," the slightly stubby "Red Core Chantenay," the exotic-looking "Purple Haze," and the graceful "Touchon." The carrots' wispy white roots form curlicues and hearts, and their green tops reach for a bright blue sky. "Buried Treasure" illustrates the pleasures of growing our own food and reminds us to try some of the unusual heirloom varieties that were enjoyed before hybridized and geneticized produce dominated stores.

I am a new member of EFA Artists Helping Animals and a portion of the purchase price of some of my items (more to come!) will be donated to the EFA charity of the month. I am also a member of the Etsy Honeybee Helpers team, and I donate a portion of the purchase price of selected items to, a group working to promote awareness and research of Colony Collapse Disorder in the honeybee population.

1 comment:

  1. this is a very nice painting indeed!
    not only is Wesley and Arabella drooling - I am too!


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