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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bunny Lovey by bewhiskered

Super soft fur and a satin belly combine to send this bunny lovey off the charts for smooshability. Floppy ears provide a handy way for your child to tag him along on adventures.

My loveys combine the visual and tactile interest of a taggie with the size and smooshability of a lovey allowing them to be loved from birth through toddler-hood.

His incredible softness will appeal to newer babies while older babies will appreciate the 12 different colors and textures of the fabric claws. Toddlers will find the size perfect for carrying and the lightly stuffed head comfy when used as a pillow.

Moms will appreciate his washability and durability - machine washable on the delicate cycle, line dry or tumble dry low. All his pieces and parts are securely fastened for safety.

He measures approximately 18" wide from tip of claw to tip of claw and his body (from nose to 'tocks) is 20".

I am donating 10% of 2009 profits to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I do as much as I can (blogging and so forth) to spread the word about EFA.

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