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Friday, April 10, 2009

Team EFA Spring - Hop into Spring with Whimsical Dots Snuggle Sack - custom embroidery by rendachs

My Dachshunds don't hop much but they sure love the spring colors and the lighter feel of their new snuggle sack.

Spring is here! Spoil your best friend with a lightweight soft and cozy furry fleece snuggle sack.

Your pet will love to snuggle inside this stylish super soft sack! You can slip a pillow inside for added comfort and watch your pet sink into the softness or simply watch your pet snuggle in the soft furry lining.

This sack measures 24"x 28". The sack includes an embroidered personalization. A wide turned down cuff will have your dog's name embroidered on it in your choice of color.

My contribution to the animals: fostering rescues, donations to the Dachshund rescue of North America, donations of items to my local humane society, generally helping when I can to any and all creatures, cheerleading for team EFA on Etsy, and just being kind to all animals.


  1. The sack is lovely, and looks very snuggly. And what a cute dog :)

  2. What a great idea! My parents have a cat that loves to sleep under blankets too! What a great gift idea!


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