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Saturday, April 18, 2009

White Rabbit - Cream Bunny Hat by makemesmile

Knitted bunny hat with ear flaps. This bunny hat is handmade from cream and pink acrylic yarn.

Bunny(=hop) + hat(=spring can still be chilly) = easter.

Most items I make and sell have 100% going to animal shelter Stevenshage in Leiden. At the moment they are looking to raise money for neutering the male rabbits, so a bunny hat fits in with that cause.


  1. How lovely to be featured on my birthday today. =^x^=
    Thank you LolaLynn!
    There are so many great entries this challenge.

    My shop is moving by the way to And the new setup is at least 50% of all items, and 100% of some (like catttoys) for the animal charity.

  2. This is a Beautiful hat - just love it!

    Happy Birthday Ama, have a lovely time

    and thanks for helping the rabbits :)


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