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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Bath - a 4x6 photo on a 5x7 notecard by LolaLynn

How about a little spring cleaning?

This kitty is taking a long luxurious bath in Burano, Italy. I just love the rich and vibrant colors of this photo. If you ever get to Venice, taking the ferry to Burano is a must. Its brightly colored houses, green shuttered flower filled windows are charming. And the church's bell tower lean rivals that of Pisa.

This 4x6 photo is adhered to a 5x7 notecard and comes with a matching envelope.

LolaLynn's shop supports Etsy for Animals charity of the month every month as well as having designated items for AWBAR (Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue) and other charitable concerns as they arise.


  1. The colors in this are beautiful (and so is the cat, of course!)

  2. I agree, gorgeous picture and kitty, thank you for your wonderful work for the animals and EFA ;0) Michele

  3. Adorable!! I miss my tiger kitty Claude so much.
    Angie at LonesomeRoadStudio


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