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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bracelet - Rabbits in the Rose Garden - by Lacewood

This lacy bracelet is so soft and delicate - and such a striking combination of handspun angora, silvery bits, glass, and handmade bunny buttons! This is truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND bracelet!

One of the things that's especially cool is that the bunny buttons I used on my bracelet were hand made for me by another EFA member, Stacie of The Clay Pony. She'll be submitting earrings of the same bunnies - so between the two of us, we're selling a matching set! How's that for a collaborative effort? I'm really thrilled with the buttons she made for my bracelet, and I'm proud of the results of our efforts.

I think my bracelet fits the theme very nicely - 2 bunnies sit in a green garden facing each other over a silver plated flower patch, surrounded by silver & glass roses. This bracelet "garden" is enclosed at both ends with gorgeous silver plated brass trellises. These two silver trellises create a garden gate on the inside of your wrist, gently tied closed with a corset lacing of delicately crocheted elastic for a perfect fit for almost any wrist!

What could be more emblematic of spring than a new green garden, complete with bunnies? And where there's bunnies, there's hopping... With this bracelet you can wear a little spring garden right on your wrist.

I'm especially thrilled with this month's challenge because it so obviously lends itself to rabbitty themes - and my charity of choice is Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue! In recent months they have purchased and have been renovating a new small facility for their operations, and very recently rescued 30 rabbits from a "collector" who could no longer care for them. Rabbit welfare issues are close to my heart because my own bunny is one of the most overprivileged rabbits on earth, and we are both well aware that many bunnies are not nearly so lucky. My bunny is an angora rabbit, and he helps me make the handspun angora yarn and lace items I sell in my etsy shop - including the yarn I used to knit this bracelet!


  1. that's a wonderful bracelet - and great to see that it is a 3 way collaborative item!

    Your rabbit sounds just like my two!!


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