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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Valentine Luv Bunny by wovendreams

I'm Valentine. Will you adopt me? I need a forever home.

Valentine is a bunny made of handwoven (by me, of course) fabric. I call this series (yes, there are more) my Luv Bunnies. She/he stands 11 inches tall. She/he has set in eyes, a button heart and tied ribbons around her neck. She is not suitable as a young child's toy.

Adopt more Luv Bunnies to give Valentine a friend and start your own warren.

Wovendreams operates a rabbit rescue in Eastern North Carolina that is called Dance with the Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. Some of the items on my site are 100% donations to the rescue. The money raised goes to hay and pellets. I get all their veggies from my garden or donated by the local grocery store. They are all discarded pet bunnies that I get healthy, spay/neuter, socialize and then put up for adoption to find forever homes. My husband and I started the rescue about 8 years ago. The rabbits stay with us in our home. We have found homes for over 100 rabbits.

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  1. To read more about Bonnie - please read the interview I did with her last year

    She is doing a wonderful job with the rabbits!
    Great posting!


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