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Monday, April 27, 2009

Business Card, ATM Card, Credit Card Holder by veganessa aka midnightrabbits

Adorable, bright pink acrylic felt business card holder, or could be used for your cash cards, credit cards or anything about that size. In envelope style. has a cute white rabbit appliqued on the back, in white, with a red bead eye. It has 'run' handsewn in white thread beneath the rabbit.

Everything in veganessa's other shop, midnightrabbits, is being sold for charity. Currently 100% of every item sold will be donated to EFA's charity of the month.


  1. Another very cute bunny
    The hot pink is fabulous too!
    Nic x

  2. This is really cute - I love the color and the embroidery.

  3. Thanks for showing my pink bunny card holder. They were fun to make.

  4. This is lovely Kim, I love the eye!


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