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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Treasury Frenzy! :)

Thanks to a bunch of really nice curators, a whole lot of awesome new treasuries featuring the EFA Team Store have popped up in the past couple of days.

The first two are from hhopper. One in the main list and the other at treasury west. Both of them have fabulous color themes. And both of them are in honor of the EFA Bday Bash! :)

"Happy Bday Etsy for Animals!"

"Happy BDay Etsy for Animals! 2"

This next one is a hilarious and brilliant theme from dragonhouseofyuen. The screen shot comes directly from Annette so you get to see the alternates too :)

"Pearly White Against The Furrrr"

WHSKR is celebrating "Christmas in September!!" and believe me when I say, this is one celebration you don't wanna miss! :)

Sewelsonwoodcraft has created another one of those beautiful treasuries they've been making lately and this one is all about "ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS". Oh and by the way, Maurice is now a member of EFA! :D

And finally, we close with one of ShaggyChic's famous BNR's which never forget to feature the EFA Team Store! :)

"BINDI's Simply Irresistible BNR!!"

As always please support all the treasuries!!

Thanks for reading! ;)

- Susmitha :)


  1. Thanks, Susmitha! I haven't had time to check the treasury lists lately, so this helps a lot! Beautiful treasuries, by the way.

  2. Wow, so so wonderful, thank you! ;0)


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