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Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Treats, Good Causes and Lovely Lists

A bunch of latest treasuries featuring the EFA Team Store.

First we start with a huge thank you to Whimbrella for featuring EFA even though they are not a member store. We really really appreciate it! :)
This is a fabulous treasury filled with items which go for "A Good Cause"

Here's a beautiful purple treasury related featuring stores which are part of the 20% off Birthday Bash Promo. Thank you so much cthings for creating this "Lovely list from EFA"

And we close with LolaLynn's super delicious "Birthday Treats" treasury. Everything looks soooo yummy in there!!! *Slurp* Thank you Lynn! :)

Please support all these treasuries. And please keep more coming :)

Signing off... your treasury hunter,
- Susmitha :)

1 comment:

  1. That is so nice of Whimbrella for doing the treasury!! What fun finds! Also thank you for featuring my treasury I'm honored! Lolalynn treasury was very yummy looking! :)


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