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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cheshire Cat Dog Costume by makemesmile

One of kind pet halloween costume.
I made this as a dog sweater version of my famous =^x^= cat scarves.
For safety reasons, in case costume might be worn by a dog, I made the eyes with felt instead of pingpongballs.

Measurement :
A (neck to tail): 15" (40cm)
B (neck to frontpaws): 6" (15 cm)
C (around the belly): 13 to 16.5" (34 to 42 cm)
With knitted ribs for a good fit.
Around the neck: up to 14" (36 cm)

There's a small opening in the neckcollar if you keep the dog on a line when walking.

About 65% of the proceeds of my shop go to my local animal shelter Stevenshage. My signature charity items are kitty hats and cat scarfs. I think the concept of a dog dressing up as a reversed cheshire cat would fit the HALLOWEEN CATS theme perfectly. =^x^=


  1. This is adorable - beautiful colors too!

  2. A great start for the October Challenge!

  3. This is sooo cute! I peeked at your store and hearted you. Your hats are so happy and would make the most miserable grinch smile!!


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