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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Delilah The Owl Cat by latejuly

Another addition to the Meowzers collection. An original print 5"X7" print and photograph (just message me for another size or color). This is Delilah a cat in the shelter. She is gorgeous and has the biggest eyes, similar to an owl.

---About LateJuly Photos At The Shelter

Most of the animals are photographed at an animal control facility in Ontario, Canada. I see a wide array of animals, some unique mixes, and all ages. I take these photos to help them find homes or safe havens in rescues. They give me the best expressions and love the attention. I use the money from selling print to help pay for the animals vetting which makes them more likely to find a home or rescue.


  1. Delilah is beautiful! Torties rule :)

  2. I love photographs of animals. The ferrel cats and cats in shelters just express a face that you cannot find anywhere else. Their eyes have such a story behind them!


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