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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Large Peacock Blue with Paw Print Polymer Clay Pet Collar Charm by ModCreations' Shop

This large peacock blue paw print polymer clay pet collar charm would be good for a large dog! This tag can be CUSTOMIZED for you! I can make one with your pet's name on the front, provided it fits. All my pet charms/tags come with a lobster clasp for ease in attaching to existing collar. Polymer clay is non-toxic unless burned (the fumes are toxic) but is not intended to be used for items that will contain food. I put two coats of glaze on the front for protection and to bring out the color in the clay.
I volunteer with Animal House Fund ( which is raising money to build a new no-kill shelter in St. Louis. I have volunteered with Stray Rescue in the past, walking dogs. I also rescue cats off the street. I now have 4 cats (and one is not happy with that decision). I am trying to foster the 4th one and find her a home, but of course I have become quite attached to her. She is still a kitten. Awww!

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