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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Christmas Stocking, padded and quilted by Santasstockings' Shop

I started making these scrappy stockings and am hooked - they are so much fun and I'm planning to spend a very long and happy weekend cutting, pasting and sewing - it makes such a change from cutting and pasting on the computer! I've been collecting Christmas fabrics for the past 20 years and it's just so good to mix and match them all together. I'm hoping my efforts will benefit the SSPCA - that's the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals. My reason is that I called them just a week ago to come and help an injured goose I found while out walking. Sadly, it appeared to me that both it's legs had been broken. It was at least a mile away from a road, up a hill and on an unmade path. Within a couple of hours I received a phone call to say the animal was so badly injured that they had put it to sleep. I was so impressed with their response time and the consideration they gave the animal. I was very sad after hearing the news but so grateful to the SSPCA - they spared this poor bird suffering a very prolonged and painful death.


  1. That story is heartbreaking!!:(
    I'm glad the SSPCA was able to spare its' suffering too!

    The mix of fabrics work well together!! So festive and well-done!!

  2. Thanks for entering the Challenge and telling us your story !

    I'm glad you make the stockings and help the animals :)

  3. Patchwork is a great way to use up scraps. This one looks great - very homey!

  4. What a beautiful stocking. And what a sad story. But hopefully your efforts will turn tragedy into life for others.

  5. Lovely stocking & SSPCA is such a good cause. They have come to the aid of animals I have alerted them to in the past too. Jx

  6. Lovely stocking, and a great use for those scraps!!Sounds like a worthy charity, thanks for sharing your story with us and for helping animals!!

  7. These stockings are great. Thanks for making and donating to SSPCA. They sound like a very compassionate and caring organization.


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