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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orange YOU glad I had some Sun today 5x7 digital archival print by aktie9

This is a tiger lily blossom taken up close, with a macro lense on my digital camera. I have these in several other shades in my flickr account, for other options. Seek Aktie9 on flickr.

I donate 10% of sales from my etsy shop to charities. This summer I'm giving 100% of the proceeds on my Polar Bear photos to the to help with the resident Polar bear, Kenda and her care.

I also do some work with rescues, getting the word out, passing messages along to folks. I fostered a dog for two years, I've given rides to dogs needing to get to safe havens. I have two rescued dogs, of my own. One I found on the city streets, one I adopted via .

I'm also pairing up with a person I met through the Plea for Bea Fund drive, and Facebook, to make a group on facebook, possibly elsewhere that rescue minded folks can join along with all the rescue organizations. This way the rescue people can get the word to the rescues, and rescues can get messages to folks who can raise money for them, send messages to their friends and so forth. It's a effort to get across helping others idea, and to make it easier for us all to network and band together. It will likely be called S.N.A.R.E AKA: SNARE - Social Networking Animal Rescue Ethic. It's still in the preliminary stages so I will defenitely let EFA know when we've got it up and running.

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