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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

raspberry pink catryoshka family blank card by Kittyanydots's Shop

Cats + matryoshkas = catryoshkas! I combined my love of cats, the Japanese kawaii style, and the Russian nesting doll to create this digital artwork. 4x6 professionally printed image on 5x7 blank white card. The card is made of acid-free cardstock, labeled on the back; it comes with an envelope and is encased in a clear cello. The second and third images show an example of a finished packaged and labeled card.
I give a percentage of my shop proceeds (Etsy and PayPal fees not subtracted first) to charity each month.


  1. oh how miow-aliciously wonderfurr !

  2. Those little cats are wonderful!!!

  3. These were just too cute to leave homeless...they're mine now!

  4. SO adorable and so fun! great choice, art and sew forth :)

  5. Love it! So creative & way cute - no wonder those little kitties were snatched right up!


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