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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Classy Treasuries

Well it looks like the last treasury opening turned out to be a very good thing for EFA! Apart from the regulars, there have also been new people featuring the EFA Team Store in their collections. And we deeply appreciate all the treasury curators - old and new alike. The one thing this latest batch of treasuries have in common (apart from the EFA Team Store that is) is that they are all extremely classy and tastefully done! One of the best sets I've come across.

Thank you all SO MUCH for remembering Team EFA in your collections! :)

I'd like to begin this list with my favorite treasury curator, the one who is known in the regular etsy treasury community to create the most beautiful treasuries ever so often and she never forgets the EFA Team Store. I'm talking about none other than our very own Cynmb!! And to those of you who are new to the 'EFA treasury hunting chronicles', this is one lady you will be seeing in here verrrry often! :)

"Gotcha mocha fix"

Next up are two people who have only very recently started creating EFA related treasuries but they have done so well that they've already turned into recognizable names in the Team EFA treasury collections -

Sewelsonwoodcraft is not an EFA member and yet has been taking the time to bring publicity to EFA and this effort is greatly appreciated!!


Dragonhouseofyuen has been putting an extra bit of effort. She not only creates treasuries focusing on Team EFA but also sends me ALL the required information to doubly ensure that the treasury gets on the blog. My personal thank you to her for making my work easier for me! :)

"(fur) Amongst the Foilage"

And finally, I end today's article with rosalera who (as far as I know) is a non-member but has been kind enough to feature an item from the EFA Team Store in the lovely, lovely collection called "{{{{{ I AM IN LOVE }}}}}". Well one look at this treasury and you will be in love too! :)

Once again, thank you all for taking the time to create treasuries and for featuring the EFA Team Store in your collection!!

And to the rest of you who are reading this, please support all these treasuries and the kind people who created them! :)

Until next time...

your treasury hunter,
- Susmitha :)

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