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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crystallized Cheetah Chain Necklace by Purpleandlime's Shop

A crystal-spotted plastic cheetah hangs from a 35" gold-look aluminum chain. No clasp, slips over head. A modern and unique accessory sure to make any outfit more beautiful!
Purpleandlime's charities are Fundacion MONA in Girona, Spain and the UK ( they rescue chimps from the entertainment industry and makeshift zoos. The artist's chimp jewelry is sold by MONA in the UK at animal fairs and events to raise money. Also supports PAWS Chicago and the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. Will donate 100% from the sale of this item to MONA.


  1. Thank you Team EFA for this great opportunity. The chimps will be so happy!

  2. That is lovely! I am going to check out Purpleandlime's shop!

  3. What a fun design and so sparkly too !

  4. so cute! Great that 100% helps Mona too! ;)


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