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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunstone Shining from Fine Silver Pendant by Bananamiranda's Shop

This pendant is a handcrafted piece of fine silver with a beautiful Sunstone, and we all know that Sunshine in all it's modes provides us with a life force and is golden. Sunstone reminds me of the sun, and it seems to catch the sun and encapsulate parts of it within it's golden shiller. The Sun is golden like a gemstone, as are all of our beloved animals whether they be pets or wild.

20% will be donated to her favorite animal sanctuary Best Friends in Utah. She is also a member there and of local foster groups that actively promote no kill policies. Bananamiranda is a volunteer for SPCA at a few locations around the city and has 4 rescue critters. She picks strays and either finds them good homes, or ends up inviting them into her family. And frankly, some of her most beloved favorite friends have been dogs and cats, and still are today.


  1. I love goldstone... it is such a beautiful stone... so sparkly... so warm... like a piece of the sun... what a beautiful pendant !


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