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Friday, March 12, 2010

Horse Applique with Buttons and Ribbon on Tweed Fabric Brooch by Dragonhouseofyuen's Shop

The horse has a halter on and is waiting for his next adventure - where are we going? This is a beautiful brooch of a printed fabric horse on a cream upholstery material that has been padded slightly and machine stitched. Adornments have been added - 2 buttons and metal cap of sorts (recycled from something). They are stitched on top of a ribbon from the Australian jewellers store Hardy Brothers (nearly 20 years old!) and came from one of the artist's purchases there. Donates a percentage of some of sales to help different rabbit rescues and animal charities.


  1. Glad to have dropped in on your listing... to view & read your description. Love it !

  2. Fun, unique, and full of history, love it!

  3. aw, now I too want to know where he's going! :D Love the description!


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