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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moon Gazing Hare, Original mixed media by kraftikats' Shop

The hare was sacred to the Goddess Eostre and this is where the word Easter and the Easter bunny/Easter egg came from. The Moon-gazing Hare represented ancient Pagan beliefs about new beginings, re-birth, abundance and good fortune and the spiral represents the endless cycle of life and death.
Last year Kraftikats took in and neutered an already pregnant again mother and her 5 kittens from the previous litter and they already had 3 cats and a dog and were ( are ) feeding 3 more who live out. A percentage of any sales will go to the charity of the month chosen by EFA.


  1. Oh I just love this piece so very much. Its so gorgeous. thank you so much for participating in the challenge !

  2. SO beautiful and magical, thank you for helping the kitties !!!

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments,

  4. Very nice, I feel like the rabbit is blowing bubbles,feels very happy

  5. spiritual artwork! Lovely! Such a happy painting :)

  6. Thanks guys... hmm...blowing bubbles..I like it!!


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