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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dog Collar Clip On ChristmasNAUGHTY bottle cap charm by Shaggychic

Recycled bottle cap (flattened) turned into a dog collar Christmas tag. This cute collar decoration matches our "Naughty" shirts. Same graphic in a flattened bottle cap, covered with a resin dome;two Swarovaski crystals and a bead dangle from bottom. The extra large clasp on top will attach to D-ring on dog collar. I currently have a holiday challenge in my blog ( for everyone who comes by and leaves a little note about a pet, or just says leaves a message, I am putting one of my catnip Fortune Cookies in a jar. Then on Christmas Eve I will take it to our local animal shelter and give all the collected catnip toys to them for the kitties that are there. The jar is filling up fast, first week over 30 cookies in the jar!


  1. This is so cute and I love the message!!!
    Great holiday challenge!!!

  2. That is ADORABLE!

    Off to enter her challenge. :)

  3. So so cute! Such an adorable expression!

  4. So cute. Going over to check out the challenge.

  5. LOL - that is totally darling! Reminds me of my nephew who asked: what's the cut of date for Santa's naughty or nice list?


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