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Saturday, December 25, 2010


A new year is almost upon us !

Below you will find the new themes
for EFA's Monthly Challenges...
We look forward to seeing your entries
on the Challenge blog throughout 2011 !


January 2011
"Winter Wonderland"
... depict white winterland animals or flowers.
Tag your listing with: teamefawinter

February 2011
"Companions Corner"
... pay homage to your non-human companions and family.
Tag your listing with: teamefacompanion

March 2011
"Sweet Shelter & Cozy Comforts"
... depict 'homes' or things for the home, us or 'theirs'.
Tag your listing with: teamefashelter

April 2011
"Raining Cats and Dogs"
... rain rain rain... things to do with cats, dogs & lots of rain.
Tag your listing with: teamefaraining

May 2011
"Flora and Fauna"
... show off your regional wildlife: flowers and/or animals.
Tag your listing with: teamefaflora

June 2011
"Off to the Beach"
... show us a day out at the beach !
Tag your listing with: teamefabeach

July 2011
"In the Deep Blue"
... a great month to display Oceanic & Sea-fluenced products
Tag your listing with: teamefadeepblue

August 2011
"Reptiles Rock!"
... its time for the reptiles to come out.
Tag your listing with: teamefareptiles

September 2011
"On The Farm"
... feature farmland or animals that can be found on the farm
Tag your listing with: teamefafarm

October 2011
"Things that go Bump in the Night"
... Creatures of the night unite !
Tag your listing with: teamefanight

November 2011
"Thanks for the Smiles"
... products that have humour & make one smile :)
Tag your listing with: teamefasmiles

December 2011
"Treats and Toys"
... what the animals want for the holidays !
Tag your listing with: teamefatreats

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