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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Hare Beauty Soft Sculpture by dragonhouseofyuen

Please meet baby hare Beauty. Beauty is a very shy little hare with big brown eyes. She rarely speaks to the others and quite often her face will feel very hot from her blushing. However, rather strangely she likes to roll around in the flowers. Not just a little flop – but a big stretch and slither over them with wiggling on her back too. She is usually covered in petals and pollen from whisker to tail. And much to her chagrin she attracts a lot of attention! Never-the-less to immerse herself in flowers is to find true happiness and freedom from her hot face flushes.

Beauty has been made with great care and she has safety eyes. She has been machine and hand sewn by me and will have many ‘unique’ (imperfect, handmade) bits. However, she is not recommended for children and is not a toy. She prefers to sit on a shelf next to fresh flowers, maybe with a mat underneath to catch the dropped petals and pollen spores.

Beauty is looking forward to her journey to her forever home! She also wants you to know that baby hares are called leverets. She comes with a small tag telling her story.

Annette of dragonhouseofyuen donates a percentage of some of her sales to help different rabbit rescues and animal charities .


  1. Pleased to meet Beauty. Wonderful entry.

  2. thanks for putting Beauty here Lynn!

    she is a little bit shy though...


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