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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lace Angora and Soysilk Gauntlets by Lacewood

These elegant gauntlets fit this month's theme because of the delicate lace pattern that resembles basket weaving which frames the Victorian-era double rose leaf motif. The silver-plated brass Celtic knotwork charms also are reminiscent of basket weaving. A delicate rose-colored strand of handspun soysilk accents the primary undyed handspun fawn angora & soysilk yarn, and adds a springtime flowery feel. And to top it all off, at the top point of each gauntlet rests a little rose-colored glass flower atop a silver-plated brass double rose leaf charm.

These gauntlets are also 100% cruelty free. The angora these gauntlets are made of is from a good friend's bunny, who is very well loved and well treated! And soysilk is a byproduct of tofu, NOT silkworms. So you can revel in the soft luxury of these angora & soysilk gauntlets with a clear conscience!

My favorite charity is Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue. The remodeling of their new facility is finally complete and they have just celebrated their grand opening! There's no time to just sit back and celebrate, though - right away they took in another 20 rabbits in need of new forever homes.


  1. these remind me of the medieval times (not that I was there!), and Queen Guinevere - they look very enchanting!!

    good to hear about the rescue's new facilities, hoping the bunnys get forever homes soon.


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