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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

S is for Shalom by LolaLynn

Shalom, Dove of Peace, spelled out in Hebrew. The second in my peace series. I overpaint all of my ACEOs and prints so that they are an unique variation or OOAK. This listing is for an ACEO but the image is also available as a 5x7 inch print.

As a member of EFA, I donate 10% of my shop's sales to EFA's charity of the month. Locally, I have donated jewelry to Courageous Cats on Long Island to raffle or sell at street fairs. Courageous Cats is where we adopted our cute little kitty, Dubi.


  1. A very pretty symbol for Shalom.

  2. This was touching to me and brought tears to my eyes because we all need peace so much, everywhere

  3. that's a nice ACEO Lynn - great meaning and the banner and stars are nice touches - very gentle but bright

  4. Very beautiful message and much needed in our world.. Thanks for all the great work you do in helping to manage this site!!


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