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Thursday, September 10, 2009

T is for Ti Amo - I love You - Words At Play - Original Mixed Media Collage by folkartvision

In keeping with the FolkArtVision philosophy, we are giving the ubiquitous laminate samples fresh purpose and intention by enhancing and embracing their natural shape and colour.
This original collage with a red hot heart is one of a kind, spontaneous and bold. Ever heard of " It's the thought that counts", well, think no more, now you can turn your thought into a lasting gift by sending your loved one this diminutive yet powerful piece. Now you can say it in Italian! A perfect message for all seasons.

Over the last few month's folkartvision has made donations from their sales to help care for a neighborhood dog who has bone cancer.


  1. I love this piece! Just stunning :)

    and that's so wonderful about helping the dog in your neighbourhood ~ kudos!


  2. Very cute idea! And so nice that you can help the ill puppy. You are such a kind person.

  3. What a rich, earthy piece of art. So kind to help with the vet bills for that dog, everything helps in a case like that.

  4. great use for the sample sheet Pey!
    I don't speak Italian so the translation was very useful :)
    love the red heart!
    and kisses to the special pooch xxx

  5. Lovely artwork, and inspiring in all you do..Thanks!!


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