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Monday, September 21, 2009


With the publishing of our most recent post (a challenge entry by brizel4theanimals) Micky of AldanaMica joins the EFA's Challenge of the Month editorial staff. Micky is an artist currently lives in Brazil. I asked Micky to tell us something about her beautiful and unique shop:

"My shop offers one of a kind crochet pieces, accessories and clothing for both women and teenage girls. What makes my product different is the technique I use, I like to call it finger-crochet because it requires no needles, I crochet using only my fingers. I taught this to myself during a design class about 10 yrs ago, we had yarn but no needles so I just played around with my fingers and from then on I barely use needles."

Welcome Micky, your help with the challenge is much appreciated.


  1. Yahoo! I am happy to be here too!
    Thank you!

  2. Thank u to Micky, our new EFA secretary and blog/website helper :) The animals give you a paws up!


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