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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mother's Day Card-Wishing You a Beautiful Day by Deborahjulian's Shop

This is a Mother's Day card created from the artists original art work "George Dreams of Matisse". Much of her work is inspired by her cats George, Billy & Sammy. This card shows George sitting near a window with bright colored flowers spreading into the interior space from the flourishing landscape on the other side of the window. We are all ready for spring to come into our lives! The artist has been a life long animal lover. All of her cats have been adopted from rescue organizations. She has volunteered as a dog walker for the Humane Society of New York. Her current favorite animal charities are North Shore Animal League, Neighborhood Cats, and Alley Cat Allies which she contributes to as often as possible. She hopes to bring her Etsy sales to a level where she can contribute a good amount to the animal charity of the month.


  1. Beautiful, a fun card for animal lovers! I love Matisse and kitties... great work for the animals, welcome to EFA!

  2. How did I miss this one...meowwww! Very sweet....and so glad to hear of your work with your local humane society!


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