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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pitbull Party (aka Springtime Staffies) set of Six Adorable Cards by Scrappyrat's Shop

Can anyone resist that little concerned wrinkle right in the middle of a Stafordshire Terrier's forehead? Each card is hand-collaged and full of fun. Bright, vibrant colors and tons of fun embellishments make these cards stand out way above the average off-the-rack kind.
The artist has a foster home for Carolina Pet Rescue (she currently fosters rats and other rodents), and has been working in rescue for nearly all of her adult life. She's volunteered both as a foster and in administration (answering phones, doing intake/adoptions, screening potential homes, etc.), and has worked as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She founded a NC animal rights organization (Carolina Animal Activists Together--now Humane Carolina) and received the Kelty Award for Outstanding Animal Activism. She offers items on her website that raise money for EFA Charities, including her Yummy for Dogs cookbook which always is sold with 100% of the profits received from its sale going to animal rescue and advocacy organizations. She also donates handmade items to animal rescue and advocacy organizations that request them for fund raising. It's a way she can use her creativity to further help animals and that kind of thing makes her very happy. :)


  1. Adorable, fun, unique card! Awesome work for the animals!!! :)

  2. ya... what SHE said !

    Beautiful cards and incredible animal rescue work... THANK YOU !

  3. As a rodent lover and owner of 3 guinea pigs...yay for rat fostering! Lovely card, and great animal outreach work you are doing.


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