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Monday, April 12, 2010

Yellow Visitor by Humanecreations' Shop

Every year I plant a Butterfly/Hummingbird garden and it is such a thrill when the sun is shining, the first flowers bloom and the first little guys find them. Then when later I find Monarch butterfly larva and cocoons I am enthralled and estatic! It means my "Buds and Blossoms" have done their job and have helped these precious, fragile creatures survive one more year. The artist used to foster dogs and cats for a rescue group. Did newsletters, helped with fundraisers for rescue groups. Trained, worked as and taught professional pet grooming and animal care. Has had family members from numerous species throughout her life. Crocheted many "Snuggles" (flat pet beds/mats) as part of the Hugs 4 Homeless Animals online program and donated them to various animal rescues. Currently still has various species as family. Volunteers with House Rabbit Society of MO, St. Louis chapter, as the webmaster. and still makes and donates "Snuggles". Now has an equine nephew, "Toby" that she is trying to help support as mentioned on her Etsy profile.


  1. What a beautiful print... i love butterflies too !

    Your bunny advocate information and story was very moving- thank you for mentioning it here. I wish sweet Easter all the best.

  2. So peaceful and beautiful, and great work helping the animals! :)


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