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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Custom Valentine Collage by PetCollage

Can you feel the love?! This lovely work by PetCollage is a sample custom Valentine's Day collage

I give a percentage of sales to the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. They are the only shelter here that rescues rabbits as well as cats and dogs, and I even saw a duck there once. It is a fantastic place!
that is a tribute to the relationship between Lisa, my niece, and her dog Ziggy. She found him wandering the street in Ann Arbor, MI. At the time, they saved each other.


  1. Great tribute to a pet and a wonderful entry! Love the vibrant red paired with the sparkly blue!

    Great charity too!

  2. a wonderful piece! I love the fact that the pup is also in the picture above the awesome red chair! Great!!

  3. what a FUN collage you put together !

    THANKS so much for entering it on our Monthly Challenger :)

  4. That's a bling bling Valentine, if ever I saw one! Rocks!

  5. This is darling! That red really stands out!


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