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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hamster Mixed Media Stamp Pin by thefrogbag

Sometimes small critters don't get the same acclaim as larger ones when we think of "companion animals", but they can be just as much fun and provide just as much enrichment to our lives. Hence, I have chosen to celebrate the humble hamster with this stamp pin by thefrogbag!

I'm the Facebook Fan Page curator for EFA, and I donate 20% of the sales from my shop to the Tapir Preservation fund. They do amazing work not just for tapirs, but for all the world's rain forests that shelter tapirs! I also live with a total of 8 rescued animals.


  1. All companions rock... right now i'm 'sharing' my kitchen with an unauthorized mouse... I tell her she shouldnt be there & not to go into my drawers... so far so good. lol.

    I LOVE this pin... used to be a stamp collector when i was a kid and i just adore what you do with them :)

  2. Looks like such an amiable hamster to me! So cute!

    Tapirs rock!!

  3. very, very cute! Love the whimsy of this special piece!

  4. How sweet! I've had my share of fun and funny hamsters in my life!

  5. Thanks for posting my Challenge! And thanks for the kind words, everyone.

  6. You are right...we don't think of the smaller ones when thinking of companions and we should. Who hasn't had a hamster, at least when we were young? I love your entry.

  7. Ohhh! If I don't have a lot of resposibilities right now, I would love a companion like him! So darn cute!


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