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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wild Thing Puppy Necklace by cocoNme

Who doesn't love a goofy silly puppy like the one that adorns this necklace by cocoNme? They are furry, four-legged, bundles of joy that make wonderful companions for single persons and are also welcome additions to families. Aside from being warm friends, when you need them, they give you true unconditional love. Pet Therapy Dogs are especially a comfort to patients with cancer and other debilitating diseases and to the elderly.

I've been involved in art since childhood and have been making jewelry since 2004. My golden retrievers, who were both shelter dogs, inspired me to combine my jewelry-making with my love for animals. Since 2005, I've donated a percentage of my sales to the ASPCA, HSUS, Habitat for Humanity, SCGR Rescue, GRCGLA Rescue, and the NCCF (canine cancer - which both my dogs died of). I've also donated some finished jewelry to several animal rescues for fund-raising auctions.


  1. Love this silly puppy!!

    So sorry to hear about your dogs!:(

    Such good charities!

    Thanks for entering!!!!

  2. You are right !
    That puppy dog is adore-able :)

    THANKS for all your hard work on behalf of the animals.

  3. I love wire wrapped jewelry and to combine it with this adorable doggy face makes for a great necklace. So pretty!

  4. It's so cute! WE love doggies! Sorry about your dogs.

  5. Almost all our dogs have died from some type of cancer too :>( The necklace is beautifully made and brought a smile to me!

  6. Thank you, all, for your kind words. :o)

    From what I've researched and read in the past 6 months, I found that it has something to do with the quality of their food. We fed them commercial dog food. With all the crap they put in there - even including other euthanized dogs and cats (which is a form of cannibalism when you think about it) - it's no wonder that it causes cancer cells to go from dormant to active. It's sad. Very sad. If I only knew this then, I would've made their food from scratch.

    The good thing is, we know better with the next pup we adopt.

    Thanks again everyone! :o)


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